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    19+ Incredible Antique Farmhouse Furniture Ideas You’ll Love

    You properly want to buy something that has value on time for your farmhouse. The option for this demand is antique farmhouse furniture. Even though your intention is not to make money from it, vintage farmhouse furniture still fulfills your farmhouse style.

    However, knowing which old-style farmhouse furniture pieces are valuable is not an easy question, and sometimes you need the participation of an antique specialist. But it is not impossible to define the value of an antique. You are lucky to have read this article, because Farmhouse Rooms has compiled ideas for antique country furniture for you.

    5 Terms To Define Value Of Antique Farmhouse Furniture

    Whenever you come up with a way to define the value of an antique, you need to know about the “RADAR” term. RADAR stands for Rarity, Aesthetics, Desirability, Authenticity, and Really Great Condition.

    1. Rarity

    It is hard to have one or find an antique. Because it is not only the design and art of the furniture, but also the time value. The older, the better. This is why the first thing you need to note about antique furniture is its rarity.

    Antique Farmhouse Furniture - Rarity
    Antique Farmhouse Furniture – Rarity

    If no one around you at least owns antique farmhouse furniture, you know it’s worth something. But what I said doesn’t mean you have to steal from every house of your friends and relatives. Here are some:

    • To begin with, very few were made within the. For example, if it were eminence or the wealthy, they might manage gold boxes for snuff, so if it were a couple of them were made.
    • For a specific type of antique, a rare or uncommon color or design. Many early 19th-century cream pitchers are transparent because they were mold-blown (glass blown into a mold). This era’s sapphire-colored cream pitchers are extremely rare.
    • Once again, in the previous century, some items were invented for situations that we no longer require, and it brings out a non-standard size or shape that you have not seen before. For instance, there are spoons for stuffing a turkey or goose and spoons for getting marrow out of bones.
    • Replicability. The rarity of a piece increases if it is not or is impossible to replicate. However, this evidence seems to be hard to evaluate in a normal condition. 

    2. Aesthetics

    Some of the comments said that the aesthetic of a piece is an individual perspective. On the other hand, some pieces have common aesthetics. So, if you’re not happy with the way it looks, what’s the point of buying it for decoration?

    Vintage Country Furniture - Aesthetics 
    Vintage Country Furniture – Aesthetics

    If you can look at a piece without wishing that everything in it was different, when all of the aspects of it blend in complete harmony, and when it has an overall appealing quality, you know it’s got it when it comes to aesthetics.

    3. Desirability

    Rustic Vintage Furniture - Desirability
    Rustic Vintage Furniture – Desirability

    What’s in style in the current market determines desirability. The perfect example of desirability is the Tiffany lamp. People used to judge Tiffany’s lamp as gaudy and declined the price of it by today’s standards. But look at what is happening now. People want a Tiffany lamp in their house like they want to buy a fluffy dog.

    4. Authenticity

    Many modern farmhouse furniture pieces that cost thousands of dollars have been faked. Therefore, even though you found a fork that is from the 19th design, considering the authenticity of the product is necessary.

    Antique Farmhouse Furniture - Authenticity
    Antique Farmhouse Furniture – Authenticity

    Identifying an authentic piece of vintage furniture is becoming more difficult as technology and the ability to replicate objects advance. Still, I’ve already given you some tips that can help you figure out if a piece of rustic vintage furniture is real or not.

    • The period Antique furniture contains the value of time or history. So the signs of time on the furniture are really important, such as dust, old patterns, etc.
    • The products from a well-known company or excellent artist have their signature throughout their work. As a result, whenever you come across furniture by a well-known artist, make sure to look for their signature as well. The signature can be diverse. For example, in art, it can be the artist’s style, the way they use color and combine it, or it can just simply be a sign of the artist. 
    • material The value of antique farmhouse furniture comes with good material. Therefore, the product’s material is an important element in figuring out the authenticity of the product that you found. But in some cases, the material can shrink or get covered with dust over time.

    5. Really Great Condition

    Vintage Country Furniture - Really Great Condition
    Vintage Country Furniture – Really Great Condition

    When an antique has been produced for a long time, its value increases. However, it is hard to maintain the quality or original condition of the antique, especially with vases or ceramics, after thousands of years. Additionally, the more integrity, the higher the value is.

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    10 Best Antique Farmhouse Furniture Ideas For Living Room

    To have the best vintage farmhouse furniture, there are three aspects to consider: interior design, the furniture itself, and your personality.

    Rustic Vintage Furniture
    Rustic Vintage Furniture

    • First of all, clearly understanding your house design is a fundamental way to select furniture in the next steps. Therefore, have a moment to see which style you’re heading to and the arrangement/appearance of many other items in your house. This step makes sure that your furniture can come in harmony with the existing style.
    • The second is furniture characteristics. The vintage farmhouse style mostly refers to wooden furniture with original or neutral colors. Sometimes natural textiles are used (as in the sofa). Other times, it’s whitewashed or painted a little dark or a pop-up color. But in all, they stick with the rustic farmhouse style.
    • Finally, when selecting vintage country furniture, don’t forget to include your personality. It has a certain style, but it is also your space. Let’s opt for something that you like or that makes you comfortable the most.

    Now, it’s time to dive into some beautiful pieces of rustic vintage furniture that we’ve collected below.

    1. Wooden Coffee Table

    Antique Farmhouse Furniture - Wooden Coffee Table
    Antique Farmhouse Furniture – Wooden Coffee Table


    A wooden coffee table is a stunning piece for your farmhouse living room. There are many types of them, ranging from shape to color. For example, a round coffee table with the original wood color is not a bad choice. We’re sure that any vintage wood table like this would make your space more inviting and rustic-oriented.

    2. Wooden Farmhouse Bench

    Vintage Country Furniture - Wooden Farmhouse Bench
    Vintage Country Furniture – Wooden Farmhouse Bench


    The farmhouse bench is another popular piece of antique farmhouse furniture. In particular, you could place it in any space in your house since it goes nicely with most of the rooms, namely the dining room, bedroom, or bathroom. Farmhouse benches bring a warm and friendly vibe to your place. Thus, it’s such a necessary piece of furniture to purchase.

    3. Antique Farmhouse Buffet

    Modern Farmhouse Furniture - Antique Farmhouse Buffet
    Modern Farmhouse Furniture – Antique Farmhouse Buffet


    We’ve seen many farmhouse designs with a rustic wooden buffet. It’s usually placed right beside the front door. This buffet is not only a place to store your house stuff; it’s a special area to showcase some beautiful decor items like candles, plants, or wooden signs.

    4. Rustic Vintage Furniture With White Sofa

    To match the modern look of your white couch, paint the walls a color that doesn’t conflict with it. Choose walls in white, beige, light gray, mellow yellow-gold, warm mocha brown, gray-blue, teal, or sage green.

    Antique Farmhouse Furniture - White Farmhouse Sofa
    Antique Farmhouse Furniture – White Farmhouse Sofa


    This area can be enhanced with an open-faced, rustic cabinet containing magnificent glass bottles or other objects. Add a few lights, throw cushions, and afghans to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Adding a few green plants to the room is a terrific way to add some color.

    5. Black Leather Sofa With Marble Table

    It’s hard not to think of the Victorian period while looking at the traditional décor of this magnificent living room, which includes an antique couch and a marble tabletop.

    Vintage Country Furniture - Black Leather Sofa With Marble Table
    Vintage Country Furniture – Black Leather Sofa With Marble Table

    Traditional elements such as the classic bookcase behind the couch and the wrought-iron ladder affixed to the ceiling give this space a timeless feel. It has the appearance of a set from a classic film from the past.

    If you like the classic look of the 19th century, these pictures will definitely be a great source of ideas for you.

    6. Gold Accented Chairs And Center Table

    Any visitor to this room would be taken aback by the elegance of the gorgeous and classic gold-toned antique farmhouse furniture in this room. The rug gives the impression of ostentation and wealth in the room.

    Modern Farmhouse Furniture - Gold Accented Chairs And Center Table
    Modern Farmhouse Furniture – Gold Accented Chairs And Center Table

    When this old furniture is put together with other decorations like the potted plant and the grand candelabra in one area of the room, it gives the room a feeling of majesty and luxury.

    7. Exquisite Antique Colonial Living Room Furniture

    With its beautiful blue couches, this antique farmhouse furniture for the living room is a relic from a bygone French era.

    Antique Farmhouse Furniture
    Exquisite Antique Colonial Living Room Furniture

    It was a time of grandeur and prestige, when wealthy aristocratic families got together to talk for hours about issues that affected people all over the world.

    Because of its timeless beauty and traditional elegance, it is the perfect complement to the sumptuous carpeting and opulent chandelier, which give the room an ethereal feel.

    8. Classic Chaise With Antique Elements

    The chaise seat is one of those pieces of antique farmhouse furniture that has maintained its ageless charm over time. Although the form or style may have altered, there is nothing quite like a traditional antique love seat to lend a touch of glamour and sophistication to your living space.

    Vintage Country Furniture - Classic Chaise With Antique Elements
    Vintage Country Furniture – Classic Chaise With Antique Elements


    The traditional Queen Anne style foot distinguishes the table, and the solitary Queen Anne style chair gives it a genuine antique appearance. See how beautiful this room is with its gorgeous huge window and the connected animal headpiece that lends it a vintage feel.

    9. Modern Farmhouse Furniture Living Room

    Modern Farmhouse Furniture - Modern Antique Living Room Furniture 
    Modern Antique Living Room Furniture

    The ageless beauty and attractiveness of this classic brown leather couch, with its superb frame, are evoked by its timeless design. The beautiful textured wallpaper in the room’s background is made more interesting by a few paintings and a single lampshade, which gives off an air of mystery and elegance.

    10. The Bohemian Chic Furniture For The Living Room

    Antique Farmhouse Furniture
    The Bohemian Chic Furniture For The Antique Farmhouse Furniture

    Fans of the boho-chic style will like this piece of antique country furniture. It’s adorable and snarky, but it’s only for the brave at heart. See for yourself how dramatic strokes of royal blue transformed this living area into a kaleidoscope of hues. Those who like all things plush and bohemian will appreciate this style, but it may not be for everyone.

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    6 Effective Guides On Antique Farmhouse Furniture For Dining Room

    11. Vintage Farmhouse Hutch

    Rustic Vintage Furniture - Vintage Farmhouse Hutch 
    Rustic Vintage Furniture – Vintage Farmhouse Hutch

    If you want to have a piece of antique farmhouse furniture that helps you store kitchen items or decor items, opt for farmhouse hutches. They are made from wood, which creates an antique look for your place. For the colors, you can choose to retain the original color or paint it another one like white or light gray. They all seem to be good ideas.

    12. White Farmhouse Dining Table

    A white dining urban farmhouse table may easily meet your taste if you want a fun and engaging place to dine with your family or if you prefer a sleek and elegant place to dine. This is because white is seen as a timeless hue.

    Modern Farmhouse Furniture - White Farmhouse Dining Table
    Modern Farmhouse Furniture – White Farmhouse Dining Table


    This creates a clean finish with a touch of curiosity when paired with a basic rustic rug or wood floor and a modest beige wallpaper. Golden accents may look great on a typical white background.

    13. Vintage Country Furniture With An Oak Dining Set

    When designing your classic dining room concept, both comfort and aesthetics must be considered. After all, there’s nothing worse than sitting down to a delicious dinner that you’ve spent hours preparing and cooking, only to discover that you have a numb buttock halfway through the meal.

    Antique Farmhouse Furniture - An Oak Dining Set
    Antique Farmhouse Furniture – An Oak Dining Set


    A beautiful, extended table can easily accommodate 6–8 people, ensuring that no one is left out. The greatest part is that after it has been brought to your door, all that is required is the attachment of the legs before you can begin enjoying this piece of furniture. So you can begin preparing your supper as soon as possible.

    14. Vintage Coastal California Furniture

    The name tells it all, and it’s undoubtedly a look you’ve seen before. It’s a simple combination of rustic coastal comfort and refined California design. This concept is all about balancing laid-back and premium elegance. It’s relaxed and sophisticated, airy and stunning.

    Rustic Vintage Furniture - Vintage Coastal California Furniture
    Rustic Vintage Furniture – Vintage Coastal California Furniture

    There are plenty of light-washed woods, woven details, and natural textures, as well as a cool ocean-inspired blue-and-white color scheme. For an upgraded rustic vibe, use rattan seats and a pristine white table instead of a wood one.

    You may also experiment with adding some antique farmhouse furniture pieces in bohemian style, such as a trendy sideboard with a global look or an ornamented lamp bulb. To relate it to the seaside theme, add some nautical rope and paintings.

    15. Antique Formal Slipcover Chairs

    Using items that are comfortable yet somewhat formal, you may add a touch of rustic rural charm to your dining area. You’ll have a bright, spacious area that’s also warm and inviting.

    Modern Farmhouse Furniture - Antique Formal Slipcover Chairs
    Modern Farmhouse Furniture – Antique Formal Slipcover Chairs


    Slipcover chairs, as well as an antique-looking dining table made of washed or weathered wood, are essential to this aesthetic. All of these things will be put together to make an elegant, a little more feminine style that isn’t too heavy or old-fashioned.

    16. Scandinavian-Style Dining Furniture

    If you’re a committed minimalist and the urban rustic aesthetic isn’t sparing enough for you, this less-is-more approach may be for you. As for the basic parts, all you need are matching tables and chairs made of light blonde wood in a Scandinavian style, along with a farmhouse-style bench that goes with them.

    Antique Farmhouse Furniture - Scandinavian-Style Dining Furniture 
    Antique Farmhouse Furniture – Scandinavian-Style Dining Furniture

    From there, it’s all about emphasizing textures in any manner you can think of—a jute rug, a comfortable blanket, a farmhouse lamp fixture. When in doubt, remember that the feeling you’re striving for here is form follows function, so keep it basic, clean-lined, and always unfussy.

    4 Stunning Antique Farmhouse Furniture Ideas For Bedroom

    17. Rustic Nightstand

    Rustic Vintage Furniture - Rustic Nightstand
    Rustic Vintage Furniture – Rustic Nightstand


    Don’t forget about the nightstand for your bedroom. The vintage farmhouse look can be elevated with an old and antique-inspired nightstand. It’s not just basic antique farmhouse furniture; it’s also a decor item for your bedroom.

    18. White Farmhouse Bed Set

    Create a tranquil bedroom with light white drapes, white linen bedding, and cream and white orchids or floral branches. If you like a more modern design, mix your white bedding with darker colors and accessories.

    Modern Farmhouse Furniture - White Farmhouse Bed Set
    Modern Farmhouse Furniture – White Farmhouse Bed Set


    Don’t be afraid to overlay textures; the white palette will create a unified effect. Try contrasting materials, such as a white metal bed frame with a soft, fluffy duvet, for a high-impact design that’s still put together.

    If you have limited space, consider satin bedding or velvet accent pillows to help reflect light and make your room appear more expansive. Maintain a minimalist aesthetic by using light wall decor.

    19. Antique Rustic Bunk Bed

    It doesn’t follow that a storage bunk bed cannot be created in a rustic manner. A rustic room with an unpolished wooden bunk bed and two farm lights set in the headboards is available for you to enjoy.

    Antique Farmhouse Furniture - Antique Rustic Bunk Bed 
    Antique Farmhouse Furniture – Antique Rustic Bunk Bed

    White paint may be used to decorate the area. A light brown carpet can be used to cover the whole floor surface of the space. This out-of-the-ordinary design will give your area a vintage feel.

    Do you want to give this rustic bedroom theme a shot?

    20. Antique Bed Made From Bamboo

    The simplicity of things has an inherent charm to it. Put a fluffy mattress on top of your modest bamboo bed and add some fluffy maroon pillows for a more luxurious look and feel.

    Rustic Vintage Furniture - Antique Bed Made From Bamboo
    Rustic Vintage Furniture – Antique Bed Made From Bamboo

    It is possible to paint the whole room white without it seems uninteresting. Instead, you will be provided with luxurious accommodation. Thanks to the bamboo bed and the odd headboard, I was able to sleep comfortably.

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    If you are still wondering how to decorate your house in farmhouse style on a tight budget or looking for interesting ideas for decorating your farmhouse, check out these antique farmhouse furniture ideas from Farmhouse Rooms to find great sources of inspiration for your home project.

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