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    Home DecorUndertake Your Coastal Farmhouse Decor Project Via 22 Simple Ways

    Undertake Your Coastal Farmhouse Decor Project Via 22 Simple Ways

    Now you finally get your own house where you could make the rules for that place. You love immersing in the beach vibe and miss your farmhouse when living with your parents as a child. Then, making a combination of coastal and farmhouse styles is stunning. Let’s grab all the coastal farmhouse decor ideas in Farmhouse Rooms‘ blog to make your house stand out! 

    What Is Coastal Farmhouse Style?

    While the country vibe brings nostalgia and coziness, the beach vibe brings tranquility and brightness to your house. The rustic beachy decor is a style that combines features and elements which create a nautical aesthetic. Shortly, it is a blend of farmhouse and coastal style.

    Color schemes play an important role in deciding which style your house is. On the other hand, it emphasizes the use of wood and other natural materials such as wicker, knit, crochet, etc. Those combinations play a role in setting up a unique environment than ever!

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor – Top 5 Mistakes We Should Avoid

    1. High Contrast When Combining Colors

    Why Do We Need To Balance The Colors In Our House?

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor
    Beach Home Decor Ideas

    Coastal farmhouse decor primarily focuses on simplicity, comfort, relaxation, and a touch of elegance. Neutral and earth tones are the greatest paint colors for a farmhouse-style home because they make rooms look brighter, bigger, and more inviting. Then, strong contrast colors will derail this look.

    Accent Elements Will Still Be OK 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor
    Vintage Beach Decor

    We do not say this to escape all the contrast. Accent pieces will delightfully accent your home. However, let’s concentrate on harmonizing the tones in your room. Try not to complicate things or draw too much attention to them because of their look. We suggest using the hues of white and light blue to get a perfect coastal farmhouse decor.

    2. Mixing Too Many Colors For Farmhouse Coastal Decor 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor
    Beach Home Decor Ideas

    This coastal farmhouse decor design will be characterized by three primary colors: white, yellow, and blue. Other hues, such as light grey, beige, brown, and light green, allow us to be more creative. But there is one thing you ought not to ignore: the balance.

    We may add such tints to tiny textures of pieces, but not as the main colors of the furniture. Otherwise, that vibrancy will transform your home into a Chic Bohemian style.

    3. Using Complicated Textures For Furniture 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor

    The farmhouse style is well-known for its elegance, whereas the coastal style is identified for its tranquility. As mentioned previously, utilizing multiple colors on goods is still OK. Creativity helps yours stand out, and the texture may reveal a lot about your personality.

    However, there is a rule. If you pick a one-of-a-kind design for something, minimize the brilliance as much as possible. On the contrary, when selecting the bold tints for an element, select the one with the most basic texture. Use the tip when selecting the rug or curtain especially. 

    4. Adding Too Many Blacks To The House 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor
    Beach Home Decor Ideas

    Black is a modern and simple color that will appear in every house. However, black is a strong hue that will catch everyone’s attention at the very first glance. Using a lot of black in a place will make it dark, which will not inspire freshness and welcome in your home.

    As a result, if you like a modern design for coastal farmhouse decor, we recommend utilizing metal as the frame for the furniture. For example, a metal bed, a metal door with tempered glass, a metal light, and so on.

    5. Forget To Reduce The Clutter 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor
    Rustic Beachy Decor

    You may now achieve the ideal look of coastal farmhouse decor in a short period. However, the layout will have a significant influence on the design of your home. Remember to maintain the house clean and neat regularly. Furthermore, proper furniture organization might help them endure longer.

    6. Overdoing The Lighting

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor
    Beach Home Decor Ideas

    You love the brightness. But your house should be elegant. Doing so much light makes your ceiling or even your house complex. Soft lighting is enchanting, particularly when it comes to creating a frenetic vibe for coastal farmhouse decor.

    Using too many recessed lights may cause areas of your room to be dark and may even increase your electric bill. The intensity of the light can cause your plant to suffer severe damage to the point of death. It can also dehydrate the plant to the point where it lacks the water required for growth and photosynthesis.

    7. Not Enough Lighting 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor

    Lighting, also known as illumination, is the intentional use of light to achieve practical or aesthetic effects. Lighting encompasses the use of both artificial light sources such as lamps and light fixtures and natural illumination obtained by capturing sunlight.

    Light makes every room feel brighter, lighter, and inviting. Just make sure you have enough lights and the right kind of them. Natural light is still preferable. Then, it is brilliant to have a variety of light sources and levels in your space.

    8. Furniture Conflicts With The Walls 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor

    Seating should not be placed along the perimeter of a space, no matter how large or small it is. It may resemble a doctor’s waiting room or a train station. If there is space along the walls, the room will seem larger, more inviting, and relaxed. On the other hand, do not use too many single seats, making the space seem formal and unwelcome.

    9. Artwork Hung Too High Or Low

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor

    The first piece of advice we can provide is to hang a canvas at the normal human eye height. Your wall art’s midpoint should be 57 inches above the ground. Depending on your point of view, the guide can be adaptable. The next idea is to hang the artwork in a position that catches your eye most of the time.

    Easy-To-Do Rustic Beachy Decor Ideas

    2 Popular Color Themes For Vintage Beach Decor

    1. White, Soft Yellow, And Soft Blue As The Main Color

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor
    White, Soft Yellow, And Soft Blue As The Main Color

    An element catching most of your attention is the wall. Applying neutral colors on the wall plays a role in fitting this brilliant compound for the vibe of your house. 

    Whereas soft yellow and white are farmhouse styles, and soft blue is coastal style. Here are pieces of advice to choose your wall color as coastal farmhouse decor: white, soft yellow, and soft blue. 

    2. White As A Dominant Hue 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - White As A Dominant Hue 
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor – White As A Dominant Hue

    While a vivid blue and white palette may come to mind when you think of the seaside, a pristine, white interior is more authentic. It is nearly like minimalist design in the sense that less is more and neutral colors are preferred.

    As a result, a white room will make the area feel even larger. It does not imply that you should just use white. White tones, such as a warmer beige or khaki, light blues, light greys, and light greens, are lovely to apply. It is peaceful but aesthetically intriguing!

    6 Furniture Display Styles For Rustic Beachy Decor 

    3. Using Patterns 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Using Patterns
    Vintage Beach Decor – Using Patterns

    One of the answers to the question I mentioned above is using patterns efficiently. We often see coastal-style patterns finished with pastel colors like blue and white. Such colors are often used as single colors to reflect the light and fresh nature of the coastal trend.

    However, for the coastal farmhouse decor, the use of vintage beach decor with patterns will make your house new. So do not hesitate to vary in the use of beach home decor ideas.

    Also, because of the prominence of the interior with a pattern, use it wisely and appropriately. For example, pillows for the sofa to create accents for your home. One tip for you when using textured furniture is to choose textures with the main color tone that you use for your room. That will create harmony for the whole room.

    4. Mixing Old And New Styles Delicately 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor
    Mixing Old And New Styles Delicately

    Old-fashioned and up-to-date coastal farmhouse decor put together in one place would make your environment eye-catching and impressive. You could keep your favorite in vintage mode but still not go out of style with modern mode. 

    5. Natural Wood Accents 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Natural Wood Accents
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor – Natural Wood Accents

    Natural wood fits with most styles. These elements can give your house the wild sound of the beach. 

    6. Eco-Friendly Wicker Furniture

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Eco-Friendly Wicker Furniture
    Beach Home Decor Ideas – Eco-Friendly Wicker Furniture

    While wicker is a popular outdoor material, it may also be used indoors. This material is thick and sturdy enough to endure exposure to salt air. It may provide a certain elegance to the area while still being quite comfy to sit in.

    Its organic, natural appearance is ideal for seaside life and has become highly popular in coastal farmhouse decor. Wicker furniture has gone a long way, and there are many different types to choose from, ranging from classic to futuristic. It provides a little more comfort than other materials as well.

    7. Bamboo, Cork, Or Nets For Coastal Rustic Style

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor
    Bamboo, Cork, Or Nets For Coastal Farmhouse Decor

    If wood gives you a feeling of nostalgia, bamboo or netting will give your home the feeling of the sea. Because these materials are used by sea people to build beams as well as for daily life.

    Believe me, adding bamboo chairs to your home or decorating the surface of the cabinet with a small mesh will give a completely different feeling. Unfortunately, these materials are hard to make at home. Instead, choose reputable stores that have a higher recommendation.

    8. Painted Furniture 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Tropical Wallpaper
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor – Tropical Wallpaper

    Paint your furniture with pastel, neutral or bold colors matching the coastal vibes. In that way, those elements will become vintage, and unique, and inspire the sea environment with the ocean colors. 

    2 Outdoor Designs In Coastal Farmhouse Style 

    9. Colorful Outdoor Seating

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Colorful Outdoor Seating
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor – Colorful Outdoor Seating

    Talk about the beach activities, we talk about bustling. That’s the reason why colorful outdoor seating truly suits your vibes. 

    10. Coastal Design For Outdoor Kitchen 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Coastal Design For Outdoor Kitchen 
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor – Outdoor Kitchen Design

    Outdoor kitchens evoke the old days. You may feel and do what your grandparents did years ago. It will let the coastal vibes in your house when sand is poured on the floor. 

    12 Economical Ideas For Coastal Farmhouse Accessories

    11. Rustic Rug On The Floor 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Rustic Rug On The Floor 
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor – Rustic Rug On The Floor

    The second item which attracts you most often is the floor. So, covering the floor with a rustic rug will perfectly warm your house more than you can imagine. 

    12. Rustic Pillow With Blue Stripes 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Rustic Pillow With Blue Stripes
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor – Rustic Pillow With Blue Stripes

    Beautiful blue stripes on a rustic pillow can call the atmosphere of a charming beach. This fusion decoration is a must-have item that you should not miss out on. 

    13. Driftwood Shelf 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Driftwood Shelf 
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor – Driftwood Shelf

    Surrounding your house with driftwood looks like you are living in a giant boat. Hanging up a driftwood shelf sets the delightful inspiration up in your house.

    14. Rustic Coastal Wood Rack 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Rustic Coastal Wood Rack 
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor – Rustic Coastal Wood Rack

    The rustic coastal wood rack is a fantastic item describing the beach mood as well. Swing between this rack and the driftwood shelf in your house to make it more interesting. 

    15. Glass Bottles With Ocean Colors 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Glass Bottles With Ocean Colors
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor – Glass Bottles With Ocean Colors

    Using glass bottles with ocean colors seems you are living in a real coastal place for real. It is more gorgeous to stick some of the seashells on them. 

    16. Coastal Canvas Wall Art 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Coastal Canvas Wall Art 
    Beach Home Decor Ideas – Coastal Canvas Wall Art

    Since coastal canvas pictures describe the thoughtful means of the sea, hanging them up is an exquisite suggestion.

    It has 3 niches of coastal canvas artwork used in common: niche dolphin, niche turtle, and niche beach. This artwork could be put anywhere to make the house cooler and more eye-catching.

    Moreover, this kind of coastal farmhouse decor helps to bring the great vibe of the coastal to your house. And in that way, your house presents a unique feature that will truly inspire you day by day. 

    17. Using Lace

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Using Lace
    Vintage Beach Decor – Using Lace

    You can see a large number of lace fabrics used in vintage clothing designs. The same goes if you use lace fabric in your interior design to give the feel of coastal farmhouse decor. Since lace is usually white or natural, it goes well with the vintage coastal style.

    In addition, the use of lace also brings a sense of lightness and femininity to female owners who love coastal style. You can use lace fabric as a tablecloth, or add it to the base of the curtains. To make the bedroom more sparkling, you can also use a large lace fabric as a curtain for your soft bed.

    18. Colorful Wall Attachment 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Colorful Wall Attachment 
    Beach Home Decor Ideas – Colorful Wall Attachment

    Attachments on the walls help to vibrant your place. Here are some recommendations for sticking things on the walls: seashells, canvas wall art, driftwood shelf, ceramic ocean symbols, etc. 

    19. Signal Flags 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Signal Flags 
    Vintage Beach Decor – Signal Flags

    Signal flags are spiritual for those who love exploring the oceans. It’s amazing if this coastal farmhouse decor item combines with related furniture such as the ship-shaped bathtub, etc. 

    20. Picnic Basket Bag

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Picnic Basket Bag
    Beach Home Decor Ideas – Picnic Basket Bag

    It’s amazing to store stuff in a picnic basket bag. Those rustic beachy decor items can call the dynamic along with a retro atmosphere to your place. 

     21. Tropical Wallpaper

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Tropical Wallpaper
    Coastal Farmhouse Decor – Tropical Wallpaper

    The wall is focused on your eyes most of the time. Thus, tropical wallpaper strongly awakens the beach affection. 

    22. Ocean Blue Pillows 

    Coastal Farmhouse Decor - Ocean Blue Pillows
    Beach Home Decor Ideas – Ocean Blue Pillows

    When coupled with blue, neutral hues such as white, beige, tan, brown, and gray look great. The blue raised fringe design gives a touch of playfulness with a dash of quirkiness. Using different sizes and designs of pillows is a terrific way to preserve a calm atmosphere in your living area.

    Remember to pay attention to the colors of different pieces and ensure that they do not clash. Pillows and curtains do not necessarily have to match, but they should always be coordinated in terms of material or color. Choose contrasting colors of the same fabric as your curtains to add drama to the appearance of a space.

    Imagine living in a farmhouse on the coast, taking a deep fresh breath, and immersing yourself in the indicated sand. How relaxed and impressive it is! There is a question: how could you bring these amazing vibes to your place when you are not able to move the house next to the beach. Let’s find your unprecedented inspirations via Farmhouse Rooms‘ great guides on coastal farmhouse decor!

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