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    Farmhouse Exterior20 Best Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs To Upgrade

    20 Best Trendy Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs To Upgrade

    Who doesn’t like contemporary farmhouses? In today’s environment, Farmhouse Rooms believe that owning a magnificent modern farmhouse exterior is a dream for everyone. But just because you have a modern farmhouse, your job isn’t done. The real work starts after that.

    To apply to their farmhouses, one needs to have a thorough understanding of current contemporary farmhouse exterior designs. So, if you’re looking for some incredibly awesome contemporary farmhouse exterior designs, keep reading this blog to learn about the latest trends.

    What Are Farmhouses Exterior?

    Modern farmhouses exterior are homes that combine current designs with comfortable farmhouse themes to produce one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

    Modern farmhouses are noted for their warmth and simplicity, as well as their natural textures. They are comfortable, homey, and full of awe-inspiring elements. They’re so famous because of their very adaptable styles, which may easily be merged with others.

    Modern Farmhouse Exterior
    Modern Farmhouse Exterior

    Modern farmhouses are less rustic, and you may add modern accents to them by using a neutral color palette. The nicest thing about these homes is how easily they manage to make them appear traditional without being too delicate.

    Take a look at these 12 amazing contemporary farmhouse exterior ideas if you’re looking to improve your home or preparing to construct a new one. They’ll help you narrow down your options and make a choice.

    4 Elements To Make A Fantastic Modern Farmhouse Exterior

    1. Colors

    To maintain the laid-back aesthetic of a contemporary farmhouse, homeowners will often employ neutral tones. These colors are generally lighter and have a cool, breezy feel to them. Certain undertones may go better with your scenery depending on your region.

    Small Modern Farmhouse Exterior - Colors
    Small Modern Farmhouse Exterior – Colors

    Cool undertones, for example, complement woodland or ocean colors well in coastal, lakeside, or more northern landscapes, while warm undertones complement the richer colors of their environment in southwest temperatures.

    2. Materials

    In their outdoor living areas, modern farmhouse designs will include various wooden components, such as flower beds, wide decks, and big benches. Wooden features create a lived-in look that is simple to appreciate, promoting a life of ease and laid-back appeal.

    Mid Century Modern Farmhouse Exterior - Materials
    Mid Century Modern Farmhouse Exterior – Materials

    Natural stone, whether used in landscaping or as part of your home’s façade and different polished metals are also often used in these designs, adding to the rustic farmhouse vibe. Some of the materials look old or worn, while others look sharp and clean to balance out the laid-back vibe.

    3. Lighting

    When it comes to lighting, you can’t go wrong with a stunning selection of lanterns and landscape lights to brighten the outside of your attractive property. If your home was constructed in the classic barn-like design with its lofty peaks and unusual angles, you may like the appearance of accent lighting, which is based on the true farmhouse style.

    Modern Farmhouse Exterior - Lighting
    Modern Farmhouse Exterior – Lighting

    Lanterns with an oil-rubbed bronze finish contrast wonderfully with lighter colored houses, creating a well-balanced effect. Whether you want many hanging lights or permanent external lanterns, these tiny additions have a lot of potential to boost the attractiveness of your house.

    The influence that lighting has on your modern farmhouse exterior is astounding. If you’re worried about your curb appeal, this can be the first item to think about since lighting creates the three-dimensional design that homebuyers want.

    3. Architecture

    Of course, the structure has a significant impact on the overall design and style of your house. Whether you’re building your first home, trying to buy one, selling one, or just looking for ways to make the outside of your home look better, you should always look at the structure and unique features to find accents that make your home look better.

    Small Modern Farmhouse Exterior - Architecture
    Small Modern Farmhouse Exterior – Architecture

    Many modern farmhouse houses are designed to resemble a barn or traditional farmhouse, giving them the wow effect that homeowners want. To add to a home’s list of farmhouse elements, siding may also be arranged vertically rather than the conventional horizontally.

    Although porches may wrap all the way around and barn x’s can be seen on garage doors, none of these unique features can really stand out without the correct design to back them up. We’re talking about structural lighting to emphasize the home’s nooks and crannies; the proper hue to showcase the barn siding; ambient lamps to create an attractive porch arrangement, and complementary colors to paint the trim and the coveted x’s that grace the doors.

    20 Wonderful Modern Farmhouse Exterior Designs To Improve

    1. A Small Garage

    Isn’t the farmhouse really stunning? The farmhouse complements the garage well. Building a garage on the outside of your contemporary farmhouse is one of the best ways to get the exterior done.

    A Modern Farmhouse Exterior With A Garage
    A Modern Farmhouse Exterior With A Garage

    Also, don’t overlook the brown doors, which look fantastic with the white home. Everything is in perfect harmony with one another. This home’s façade is the ideal of a great contemporary farmhouse.

    2. Modern Roof Pitches

    What about modern roof pitches that are steep? Yes, absolutely. Take a peek at the external characteristics of this farmhouse. The contrast between the light-tinted stone and the dark windows is stunning.

    Modern Farmhouse Exterior Roof Pitches
    Modern Farmhouse Exterior Roof Pitches

    Look at the glass doors that go across the front of the house as well. It only adds to the splendor of this home. This house’s modern garage design is also grabbing the show. All of these important and little details contribute to the farmhouse’s external charm.

    3. Coarse Stone And Metal Roofing

    This home looks fantastic with coarse stone and a distinctive metal roof. The mix of white and blue gives this home tremendous ambition to be inspired. The bedroom suite with a balcony is also great for a vacation mood because it gives you a chance to be outside.

    Coarse Stone And Metal Roofing
    Coarse Stone And Metal Roofing

    The softly tinted stone and the dramatic black windows work nicely together. This modern farmhouse exterior design is a great example of contemporary farmhouse architecture.

    4. Warm Neutrals

    The exteriors of this home are among the most beautiful farmhouse-style exteriors. The most attractive parts of this house are the board-and-batten siding and the beautiful black bricks, which bring together modern and traditional ideas.

    Small Modern Farmhouse Exterior Warm Neutrals
    Small Modern Farmhouse Exterior Warm Neutrals

    Low-pitched gabled roofs with flat tile and gable bracket accents are further enticing aspects of this lovely home, in addition to the board and batten siding. Don’t overlook the beautiful crimson front entrance door, which is a standout element.

    5. Recycled Materials

    This home seems to be identical to others. But if you look closely, you’ll see that everything in this house is made from recycled materials.

    Modern Farmhouse Exterior Recycled Materials
    Modern Farmhouse Exterior Recycled Materials

    Their ancient farmhouse façade and several other building elements provided the materials. Timber roof structures, inside doors, and interior wood cladding are among the materials used. The architect has used all of these elements to create a contemporary farmhouse masterpiece.

    6. Small Modern Farmhouse Exterior With Strong Vertical Entrance

    Are you a fan of striped clothing or horizontal and vertical lines? If you answered yes, you will adore this home. This home may undoubtedly inspire you if you want to make a statement in your neighborhood.

    A Strong Vertical Entrance
    A Strong Vertical Entrance

    This farmhouse’s exterior has two distinct materials and colors, making it one of the top contemporary farmhouse exterior design ideas. This amazing, jaw-dropping farmhouse also has a unique blend of board and batten siding, stucco, and stone.

    7. Traditional And Modern Elements

    This home is very popular among individuals who like both classic and contemporary architecture. This modern farmhouse exterior is ideal for them since it combines classic and contemporary characteristics. It combines classic and modern features in a transitional way.

    Traditional And Modern Elements
    Traditional And Modern Elements

    To create an accentuated contrasted appearance, pure white walls contrast with dark navy blue trimmings. With its gable roofs, flat tiles, and standing seam accents, this property is very high-end.

    8. Mixed Materials

    Consider using various materials to create a distinctive contemporary farmhouse exterior design. It has turned out to be one of the most beautiful farmhouse exterior designs.

    Modern Farmhouse Exterior Mixed Materials
    Modern Farmhouse Exterior Mixed Materials

    This beautiful home was built using conventional construction materials. Whitewash brick, stucco, and timber are among the materials used. Don’t miss the main entrance, which has a bright yellow paint job that makes it stand out.

    9. Traditional Farmhouse Exterior

    This home is now considered a classic mid century modern farmhouse exterior. Take a peek at this charming white home. Isn’t it stunning? This home features a spacious porch and a sturdy stone foundation. The traditional board and batten siding design is used on the outside walls.

    Traditional Farmhouse Exterior
    Traditional Farmhouse Exterior

    It has a modern feel thanks to the clean lines of the walls and metal roof. Large pavers are also used in the landscaping to make an interesting entrance for the owners and anyone else who comes to the house.

    10. Farmhouse Exterior Renovation In The Midwest

    Isn’t it adorable? This was an old-fashioned home in Michigan around 1900. Later on, the interior designer personalized this gorgeous home. This home’s outside is just as lovely as its inside.

    Modern Farmhouse Exterior Renovation In The Midwest
    Modern Farmhouse Exterior Renovation In The Midwest

    I assume the designer enjoys nature. Only potted plants and antique market treasures may be seen on the outside of this property. The tin-roofed sanctuary is made even more intriguing and appealing by the outside garden.

    11. Dark Modern Farmhouse Exterior With All Black

    If you like the color black, you will like the exterior style of this contemporary farmhouse. The all-black farmhouse in Franklin is a great example of how a monochrome color scheme can work well in a busy place.

    Dark Modern Farmhouse Exterior All Black
    Dark Modern Farmhouse Exterior All Black

    From the outside, the black exterior looks really stunning. This home has many qualities that make it an ideal farmhouse exterior design to be inspired by. Each feature is complemented by the vertical lines on the outer walls.

    12. Urban Country Farmhouse

    Take a look at how lovely this home is. This is just amazing. It was formerly a sad barn-style small modern farmhouse exterior, but after renovations, it was transformed into a dream farm-style home with a feminine touch.

    Urban Country Farmhouse
    Urban Country Farmhouse

    Wood paneling, odd window forms, and a hedge fence are among the house’s many inventive and eye-catching elements. All of these things contribute to the contemporary farmhouse’s outstanding appearance.

    13. Dark Metal Roof Appearance

    Dark Modern Farmhouse Exterior Metal Roof Appearance
    Dark Modern Farmhouse Exterior Metal Roof Appearance

    Although it may seem weird at first, the dark modern farmhouse exterior is very edgy and current. Any layout’s lines seem to be incredibly defined. Furthermore, the general charm ensures that your home stands out from the rest of the community.

    14. Coastal Style

    Modern Farmhouse Exterior Coastal Style
    Modern Farmhouse Exterior Coastal Style

    The facade of this contemporary farmhouse is tropical and straightforward. It is ideal for small buildings with a straightforward layout. Its allure stems from the overall minimalism and rustic atmosphere.

    15. Steep Roofed

    Dark Modern Farmhouse Exterior With Steep Roofed
    Dark Modern Farmhouse Exterior With Steep Roofed

    These steep rooftops are both colonial and Harry Potter style. Such roofing designs are preferred by those who like a dramatic atmosphere. House owners should always install glass windows and doors in such dwellings. This will allow more light to enter.

    16. Combination Siding

    It is stated that combining diverse styles will always save you money. This is also true. The picture above shows a cement-style finish that may be done on a shoestring budget. It’s also long-lasting. Aboard and batten siding is used in this design. The vertical alignment gives the page a really pleasing appearance.

    Modern Farmhouse Exterior Combination Siding
    Modern Farmhouse Exterior Combination Siding

    Another popular exterior duo is a horizontal siding with bricks. This is also a cost-effective solution.

    17. Dark Trimmed Roof

    Dark Modern Farmhouse Exterior - Dark Trimmed Roof
    Dark Modern Farmhouse Exterior – Dark Trimmed Roof

    Dark roofs and window trimmings are the most typical features of modern farmhouses. Darker colored trimmings draw attention to particular parts of your home’s exterior that should be highlighted. So you not only add wonderful color, but you also make use of it.

    18. Painted Mid Century Modern Farmhouse Exterior

    If you want to make your home stand out, go big and bold! Don’t be afraid to ruin a rustic look. You’re not going to! You may paint your home whatever color you like.

    Painted Mid Century Modern Farmhouse Exterior
    Painted Mid Century Modern Farmhouse Exterior

    There are several color and variant choices to pick from. You may paint the whole object in one color or a block pattern, a single accent tone, or even various color combinations. Remember, it’s your house, so you decide! If a color is too bold for you, try for neutral earthy tones instead, since gentle colors can never go wrong.

    19. An Extra-Door Statement

    Change the front entry door of your house for an immediate makeover. It’s a fairly easy way to dramatically improve the appearance of your modern farmhouse exterior. There are also several designs and choices to choose from. Don’t stop there, however. A doorway is much more than a simple opening.

    An Extra-Door Statement
    An Extra-Door Statement

    Consider the region in which it is located. Yes, the porch! Get some gorgeous potted plants and add some natural foliage to your front porch.

    To create a contrasting effect, use a striking door color. We recommend using a bright pop color to make your entryway seem more fun. Include some outside rugs and mats with designs that complement your entryway’s general design.

    20. Low Pitched Roof

    Modern Farmhouse Exterior - Low Pitched Roof
    Modern Farmhouse Exterior – Low Pitched Roof

    Such a design is really appealing to the eye, and it also offers a few advantages. Because there is less area to cover, a low-pitched roof is far less expensive and easier on the wallet. Because of its reduced slope, it is also simpler to maintain. The inside of your home may also benefit greatly from this.

    That’s everything Farmhouse Rooms brings to you. So there you have it: 20 of the most popular modern farmhouse exterior ideas to get you started. You can certainly rely on these ideas whether you are looking for a new home or want to modify an existing one. Every farmhouse has its own distinct characteristics and specialties. Make up your mind about what type of exterior design you want.

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