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    19 Useful Guides On Urban Farmhouse Design Projects In 2022

    Urban farmhouse design is becoming more popular these days. It’s suitable for anyone who loves the combination of rustic and chic styles. So what is the urban farmhouse style, and how do you design a house in this way? Follow Farmhouse Rooms in this post to find clear answers.

    What Is Urban Farmhouse Style?

    If you are looking for a cozy and elegant design where you can both enjoy comfortable moments and feel a contemporary vibe, the urban farmhouse style is the best choice. As shown in the name, this is a hybrid style, a perfect combination of farmhouse style with rusticity and a city vibe with chic elements.

    Urban Farmhouse Design
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas

    It’s a mix of neutral palettes, antique furniture, natural elements, and some industrial texture. Therefore, when living in a house with this style, you’ll get a warm, nostalgic, and modern vibe at the same time.

    It’s not too challenging to create an urban farmhouse design since simplicity and practicality are still the main characteristics. There’s no need to seek fancy and luxurious decor and furniture. This style focuses on creating a warm and relaxed space with wood-based decor and distressed metal, combined with some contemporary elements. So it recommends being flexible when making appropriate decor for this design.

    2 Best Urban Farmhouse Design For Exterior

    1. Front Porch Design In An Urban Farmhouse Style

    To begin, let’s have a look at the outside! This wonderful example of a modern farmhouse front porch design has an amazing combination of both contemporary and classic architectural characteristics. Is it just me, or does this front porch make you think of one of those opulent farmhouses that seem like they were built just to be featured in a magazine?

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Modern Front Porch
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Modern Front Porch

    If you are someone who believes that less is more, then this contemporary minimalist front porch design is the perfect option for you! A pergola, a plush sofa, and a chair that reclines into a footrest are all elements that are included in this urban farmhouse design. The addition of an accent wall to the outside of these modern farmhouses brings out the colors of the rest of the house.

    2. Patio Seating With An Element Of Urban Farmhouse

    To give your property a warm and welcoming farmhouse ambiance, you may want to think about including this design feature in the area of your balcony, patio, front porch, or even the foyer. In addition to that, you could use this as the basis for your next do-it-yourself furniture project!

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Urban Farmhouse Patio Seating
    Urban Farmhouse Bedroom Decor – Urban Farmhouse Patio Seating

    To build a magnificent outdoor or patio seating arrangement inspired by an urban farmhouse design, all you need are some reclaimed wooden logs and a wooden plank, much like the one that is seen in this picture.

    Even though these types of wooden benches may be purchased in stores, it is still a good idea to apply a layer of varnish to eliminate the risk of splinters if you want to build the bench yourself.

    5 Stunning Urban Farmhouse Design For Each Interior Space

    3. Urban Farmhouse Living Room

    The huge windows with wooden frames are the focal point of this contemporary farmhouse-style living room that’s roomy and decorated in that way. This living room also has wooden beams on the ceiling and a fireplace made from recycled materials.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Urban Farmhouse Living Room 
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Urban Farmhouse Living Room

    There is a sense of old-world beauty brought in by furniture items such as tufted velvet couches and an antique coffee table. This living room has the feel of an urban farmhouse design because of its muted color scheme, matching farmhouse wall decor (like beaded frames), traditional textured carpet, and several wooden pieces placed around the room.

    4. Urban Farmhouse Kitchen Design With A Modern Farmhouse Vibe

    The urban farmhouse kitchen design is functional, devoid of clutter, and constantly elegant. This gorgeous kitchen design has relaxing white cabinets with accents made of salvaged wooden beams and trestle tables. It was inspired by the kitchens of traditional American farmhouses.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Urban Farmhouse Kitchen
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Urban Farmhouse Kitchen

    The excellent design of this kitchen incorporates both bright and dark elements, which contributes to the room’s overall aesthetic attractiveness. A tranquil meeting spot is created by the island or breakfast counter, which is outfitted with bar stools and chairs.

    The wooden beams on the ceiling work nicely with the natural appearance of the hardwood flooring. The architectural elements are brought to life and brought together beautifully by a set of antique pendant lights with focus lights that hang in this kitchen.

    5. Urban Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

    You probably already know that the most important part of urban farmhouse bedroom decor is using natural materials to give the room a rustic look while still being in tune with modern tastes.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Urban Farmhouse Bedroom
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Urban Farmhouse Bedroom

    In addition to that, it makes extensive use of antiques and other recently discovered artifacts as decorative elements. This bedroom’s design has a plain wooden headboard, but it’s been given an extra dose of allure thanks to the addition of a dried tree branch above it. The black wall adds a bit of contemporary style.

    To keep the space feeling like a real farmhouse, the furniture includes things like hardwood logs, a boho rug, indoor plants, potpourri, and sheer white curtains.

    6. Urban Farmhouse Inspired Reading Nook

    If you read a lot or like to relax with a cup of coffee and a book when you visit a farmhouse, you will probably agree that your home needs a tiny nook with wooden beams.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Urban Farmhouse Nook
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Urban Farmhouse Nook

    This breathtaking reading nook is a wonderful illustration of how urban farmhouse design can be used in interior design. The white-tiled wall, the wicker chair, the contemporary coffee table, the contrasted black wallpaper, and the lush indoor plants make this nook appear like the ideal lazy vacation for a bookworm! What is the deal-breaker? An eye-catching addition of ceiling-mounted light fixtures

    7. Urban Farmhouse Style Bathroom

    A contemporary color palette is brought together with several traditional farmhouse elements to create this stunning bathroom in a farmhouse style. Without coming off as too sentimental, the wood shiplap ceiling, big sink, classic mosaic tile, and framed mirror all provide a great deal of personality and elegance.

    Urban Farmhouse Style - Urban Farmhouse Bathroom
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Urban Farmhouse Bathroom

    Even in cramped quarters like this one, the addition of a few rustic details can breathe new life and intrigue into the decor without making it seem cluttered.

    2 Wonderful Color Themes ideas For Urban Farmhouse Design

    8. Neutral Color Scheme

    A mostly neutral color scheme is one of the characteristics that we notice most often. It is common practice to choose colors that contrast with one another to generate attention in the space. If you look closely, you’ll see that most of the time, the splashes of color are a muted version of the hues that occur naturally.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Neutral Color Scheme
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Neutral Color Scheme

    Some of our favorite colors are dark navy blues, sage greens, and burnt oranges. If you keep the walls white or an off-white hue, you’ll have the ideal blank slate on which to allow the texture of the furniture and accessories to do the talking in the room.

    If the space has wide windows, using a color palette that is mostly neutral will enable the natural light and the scenery outside to take center stage. We can’t get enough of this fantastic view!

    9. A Highly Contrast Color Palette

    Even if its foundation is neutral, an urban farmhouse design doesn’t have to be all white all the time. The color scheme of this design tends toward neutral, but it is still quite vibrant and high-contrast, and it makes use of a variety of materials and textures throughout, all of which help to keep it rooted in a contemporary aesthetic.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - A Highly Contrast Color Palette 
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – A Highly Contrast Color Palette

    This contrast may be seen in the light fixtures, parts of natural wood furniture, and other dark metal accessories! In addition, you shouldn’t merely consider the contrast in terms of hue.

    When you combine diverse design styles, materials, and finishes, you add depth and dimension to the area you’re working with. One of the most important parts of making a modern farmhouse look as good as it can be is to play with contrast.

    10 Fabulous Urban Farmhouse Style Decor

    10. Combination Of Various Textures

    The majority of farmhouses feature cozy interiors that capture the essence of the Danish concept of hygge. As soon as you walk into the space, you get the feeling that it is warm and inviting. This is because there are several layers of different textures.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Combination Of Various Textures 
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Combination Of Various Textures

    Throw pillows made of leather and fur provide a striking contrast to the natural stone and hardwood finishes in a room. As a consequence, the room will seem more welcoming and intriguing.

    Including elements that are found in nature is another strategy for achieving a more textural look. We like it when there are hints of greenery here and there (which works in ANY environment!). Rugs for the floor are another must-have component of texture!

    11. A Miscellany Of Metals

    Mixing metals is a characteristic of several interior design styles, not only farmhouse interior design. This developing pattern is not going away any time soon. You should make use of contrast! We like the way that the gold hardware stands out against the dark cabinetry.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Urban Farmhouse Design - A Miscellany Of Metals 
    Urban Farmhouse Design – A Miscellany Of Metals

    Oh my, there’s also black, gold, and silver! When careful attention is paid to the details, the whole thing comes together so wonderfully.

    12. Large Urban Farmhouse Dining Tables

    When one thinks of an urban farmhouse design, the image that first comes to mind is of a huge family gathered together at the table. A dining table that is spacious enough to accommodate many diners comes in at number four on our list of important contemporary farmhouse finds.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Large Dining Tables
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Large Dining Tables

    It is of the utmost significance to make time to sit down with the people you care about and have meaningful conversations. What better place to do it than in a dining room that’s been so wonderfully designed? You don’t have any room inside, do you?

    Consider the possibility of establishing an outdoor eating space in your backyard. The area has been given the ideal atmosphere by the addition of café lighting.

    13. The Incorporation Of Industrial Touches

    Even if there hasn’t been as much of a focus on industrial design in the design sector in recent years, that doesn’t mean that elements of it aren’t finding their way into other trends, just like this one. Space may be given a raw and natural vibe by including some subtle industrial details, such as concrete accents.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Industrial Touches
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Industrial Touches

    This can be accomplished in several ways. The ideal complement to the rustic aesthetic of the rest of the room. The incorporation of industrial elements into an industrial farmhouse interior design may be accomplished via the use of metal accents in the home’s furnishings and lighting. We are huge fans of the combination of wood and metal!

    It exudes a feel that is both raw and refined, and we just can’t get enough of it!

    14. Therapeutic Floral Decor

    The addition of greenery is a suggestion that might plausibly be included in the majority of current trends in interior design. It is beneficial to one’s mind, body, and soul to bring elements of the outside within.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Therapeutic Floral Decor 
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Therapeutic Floral Decor

    Planting an herb garden in your kitchen not only helps to clean the air, but you can also put this piece of advice to good use in a more literal sense by doing so. There is no such thing as a finished farmhouse interior design that does not include flowers!

    You may prevent “dead corners” from appearing in a room by placing a plant in the corner. This will help to fill the vertical space and will also make the area seem cozier. After hearing what the designers had to say, it is easy to conclude that the contemporary farmhouse style will not be disappearing anytime soon! And this makes us ecstatic beyond words.

    15. The Juxtaposition Of Different Styles

    Another cornerstone of modern farmhouse décor is contrasting several styles in one place. In an urban farmhouse design, you’re blending traditional, industrial, and mid-century furniture and décor alongside rustic components (which are the backbone of this design) (which are the backbone of this style).

    Urban Farmhouse Design - The Juxtaposition Of Different Styles 
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – The Juxtaposition Of Different Styles

    You can get the perfect mix of cozy and stylish that is so important to the modern farmhouse style by combining classic and comfortable base pieces with modern accents.

    16. An Inclination For Natural Materials

    The modern farmhouse style is characterized by an eclectic combination of different materials and surface textures. It’s one of the things that helps make this design so livable, not to mention welcoming to both children and animals.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - An Inclination For Natural Materials 
    Urban Farmhouse Design – An Inclination For Natural Materials

    The use of natural materials and a variety of textures, such as leather, natural wood, metal, stone, jute, and linen, are essential to achieving this style. In addition, we think it’s a great idea to combine and contrast different natural textures!

    It does not matter what precise material you end up using; what matters most is the texture, both visually and tactilely. But along with natural elements, you should also add pops of unexpected materials like brass and velvet, which give this look a more modern edge.

    17. A Bold Statement

    Nowadays, kitchens stand out more than they do in the background. We like the fact that farmhouse design isn’t scared to make a strong statement in the main living area of the house.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - A Bold Statement 
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – A Bold Statement

    This heaven for do-it-yourselfers is filled with examples of daring trends like herringbone backsplash tiles, colorful cabinetry, and striking fixtures. Remember to keep an eye on the sky!

    The addition of eye-catching pendant lighting above the kitchen island is yet another fantastic way to bring an urban farmhouse design into your own home.

    18. Alluring Weathered Finishes

    When working with natural materials, it is strongly recommended that you include certain elements that have a worn finish. They add a more rustic texture, character, and warmth to this design, which otherwise has a smooth, modern edge.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Alluring Weathered Finishes 
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Alluring Weathered Finishes

    Keep an eye out for leathers that have developed a patina, woods that have been left unpainted or aged, and accent furniture or décor that flaunts its years with a vintage finish. But be careful not to go crazy with worn items; otherwise, you’ll end up with a rustic farmhouse look instead of a modern farmhouse one.

    19. A Minimal Space In Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas

    Urban farmhouse decor ideas with a minimum of items are the defining characteristic of modern farmhouse interiors, which differentiates them from other interpretations of the farmhouse style.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - A Minimal Space
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – A Minimal Space

    Skip the stacks of cushions and bookcases that are full to the top if you want a more simple look that lets the few things you choose to show off really stand out.


    If you are enamored with the concept of constructing your home in the farmhouse style, Farmhouse Rooms will assist you in taking it to an entirely new level! Read on for a list of urban farmhouse design ideas for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms to help you get inspired and start your project. 

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