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    Farmhouse Exterior19+ Best Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior Remodeling Ideas

    19+ Best Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior Remodeling Ideas

    When you consider Scandinavian farmhouse exterior design, what comes to mind? You are not wrong if you think of airy exteriors filled with mid-century furniture and decor. This simple, well-kept exterior style is unmistakably Scandinavian. But the Scandinavian style can also be seen in the way a house is designed as a whole.

    When you walk into a Scandinavian farmhouse home, you feel a calm atmosphere right away. When you walk in, you can take a deep breath because you know you are in a place that is simple, pretty, and useful. And now, let’s look at the 20 best ways to improve the outside of your Scandinavian home with Farmhouse Rooms.

    What Is the Wonderful Scandinavian Farmhouse Style Exterior?

    This style is a mix of the rustic of Swedish and Danish decor and the practical vibe of the American farmhouse. A Scandinavian farmhouse design combines the two styles for a stylish living space.

    Modern scandinavian exterior design - Scandinavian Style
    Modern Scandinavian Exterior Design

    This style is defined by unfinished wood and big windows. Lots of white with a few black accents and a simple approach to home design are also included. There are also a lot of plants and textiles in Scandinavian farmhouse decor. Pops of green and bursts of soft textures keep a place from looking too clean.

    American farmhouses have a big impact on the outside of a Scandinavian farmhouse. They are usually made of two stories and have metal roofs. The outsides of the farmhouse are painted in a Scandinavian style. It combines black window and door frames and whitewashed wood.

    The Fantastic History Of Scandinavian Farmhouses

    The Scandinavian farmhouse exterior is utilitarian, like the outside of other types. Scandinavian homes went from Viking longhouses to farmhouses. This often had courtyards and was connected to barns and other buildings. Many subsequent Scandinavian dwellings are based on this original farmhouse design.

    What Is The History Of Scandinavian Farmhouses?
    What Is The History Of Scandinavian Farmhouses?

    Additionally, a contemporary Scandinavian farmhouse may have certain distinguishing characteristics. They are often connected to the exterior through windows. Winter has a scarcity of light, whereas summer has an abundance. Skylights are used in many homes to let more natural light into the building.

    This type came to the Midwest of the US during the height of Scandinavian immigration in the late 1800s. However, the interest in modern Scandinavian architecture began in the 1950s. At this time there was a lot of interest in Swedish and Danish designers. Since then, there has been a sustained interest in Scandinavian domestic design.

    What Makes The Stunning Rustic Scandinavian House Exterior?

    People who go to Sweden, Norway, or Denmark are likely to see wooden homes painted in bright colors. These homes are based on Swedish farmhouses.

    Both old and new Swedish houses have a lot of light, raw wood, which often covers every surface. Several houses smelled divinely of freshly chopped wood.

    What Makes a Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior Style?
    What Makes A Modern Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior Style?

    Scandinavian homes often have fireplaces made of ceramic tiles and wood burners. They help to keep people warm during the cold winter months. Often, the second floor was made to look like a loft space, with raw wood beams and low, sloping ceilings.

    Not all Scandinavian homes have the same features. A few outside ideas help define the architectural style:

    • Created from wood.
    • Traditionally, wood siding was painted red, yellow, white, or black.
    • Casement windows with several glass panes but no screens.
    • The tile roof has a steep slope to shed snow.
    • Empty porch.

    Fantastic Characteristics Of A Scandinavian Modern Farmhouse Exterior

    No surprise here: we’ve been applauding Scandinavian design’s chic-ness for quite some time. The minimalist-meets-elegant style still draws us in.

    11 Characteristics Of A Scandinavian Home Design
    Characteristics Of A Scandinavian Home Design

    While we are obsessed with Scandinavian interiors, we must pause for a moment to examine the components of a wonderful Scandinavian farmhouse exterior. Naturally, it’s all about first impressions.

    Do you like to dream about owning a Scandi place? Here are some main features of the modern exterior of the Scandinavian farmhouse.

    1. Scandinavian Design With Clean Lines

    Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior - A Common Option Is Clean Lines
    Scandinavian Farmhouse Style Exterior – A Common Option Is Clean Lines

    One reason why Scandi houses are so good for taking pictures is that they have clear lines. For example, this house has a clean line at the top and a rough edge. This makes it perfect for photos of the room in the evening light.

    2. Natural Materials Are Employed

    To Make A Statement, Natural Materials Are Employed
    To Make A Statement, Natural Materials Are Employed

    The most important thing about the Scandinavian farmhouse exterior is that it has a lot of natural materials. This spot seems to sprout from the surrounding wooded region.

    3. The Skyline Is Made By The Peaks And Troughs

    Scandinavian Exterior Design By The Peaks And Troughs
    Rustic Scandinavian House Exterior With The Peaks And Troughs

    Again, angles contribute to the current appearance of Scandinavian architecture. The peaks in this space are modeled after real ones. Scandinavia was still a rural society in the twentieth century. It has a connection to wood that resonates in the Nordic soul. This is shown by the Nordic vernacular architecture.

    4. Colors Are Used To Recreate Natural Scenes

    Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior - Colors Are Frequently
    Modern Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior – Colors Are Frequently

    Scandinavian homes go a step further when it comes to blending in with nature. They choose materials and colors that match the building’s natural surroundings.

    5. The Inside And Outside Are Connected By Large Windows

    The Inside And Outside Are Connected By Large Windows
    The Inside And Outside Are Connected By Large Windows

    If you’re going to construct a house in the woods, you may as well enjoy it. A lot of Scandi farmhouse exterior ideas involve big windows. This makes it feel like there’s no wall between the inside and the outside. How people in Scandinavia see their world is affected by how light moves through the forest. And this is clear in this spot.

    6. Black Paint Is Used

    Scandinavian Exterior Design - Black Paint
    Exterior Scandinavian House Design – Black Paint

    Try this approach instead if you want to try something new but don’t want to commit to an all-black exterior. A half-black top part gives a modern Scandinavian farmhouse exterior an interesting touch. The wood is still visible, even in the window frames above.

    7. Different Heights Are A Great Idea

    Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior - With Different Heights
    Scandinavian Modern Farmhouse Exterior – With Different Heights

    When it comes to contemporary Scandi farmhouses, it’s all about the silhouette. We like the way this room plays with the heights of its peaks, which is emphasized by the varied window sizes.

    8. Natural Cladding For A Seamless Appearance

    Natural Cladding For A Seamless Appearance
    Natural Cladding For A Seamless Appearance

    The wood siding on this rustic farmhouse exterior design gives it a natural appeal. It is in a wooded area and has a courtyard space that blurs the line between inside and outside. 

    9. A Magnificent View From A Cluster Of Windows

    Modern scandinavian exterior design - A Cluster Of Windows
    Scandinavian Modern Farmhouse Exterior – A Cluster Of Windows

    Another approach to enjoying the outdoors is to ensure that you have a good view of it. A cluster of windows in this Scandinavian-style home reveals the natural surroundings. Huge windows do two things: let in natural light and give you a clear view of what’s going on outside.

    10. Windows In An Unusual, Artistic Arrangement

    Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior - Windows In An Unusual
    Modern Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior – Windows In An Unusual

    This is a fantastic inspiration if you appreciate more unusual window layouts. The lower-level windows make access to the courtyard simple. To give the room a modern look, a large window on the left is paired with a smaller window on the right.

    11. Stacking Is Done In A Variety Of Ways

    Stacking Is Done In A Variety Of Ways
    Stacking Is Done In A Variety Of Ways

    You already know that a lot of Scandinavian homes try to be architectural marvels. Using wings in this space in a smart way makes breathtaking views of the outside in every part of the inside. The materials chosen are intended to be in harmony with the neighboring pine trees.

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    The 9 Best Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior Ideas
    Best Rustic Scandinavian House Exterior Ideas

    There are many different types of Scandinavian farmhouse decor. Minimalist, and functional; neutral and soft pastel colors; natural wood and stone. The best things to buy to try out for yourself; and the best ways to get the look at home.

    12. Exterior Design With Black Walls And Gable Roofs

    This is a peaceful picture of an L-shaped Scandinavian farmhouse exterior. The snowy landscape and blue sky are white, and the black walls and gable roofs stand out well against them. Even though it is different, this home’s glass windows let it enjoy the beauty of its surroundings.

    Scandinavian Home Design - Black Walls With Gable Roofs
    Scandinavian Farmhouse Style Exterior – Black Walls With Gable Roofs

    The black walls and clean lines of the gable roofs make it easy to enjoy the icy wonderland. Using a Swedish parquet floor is a great way to get both privacy and closeness to nature.

    13. Design Elements That Are Distinctive

    Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior - Design Elements
    Exterior Scandinavian House – Design Elements

    This three-story Scandinavian-style home has balconies on the second and third floors. They are lit by warm yellow light. This design adds a sense of warmth to the blocky look of gable roofs and white walls.

    14. A Combination Of Classical And Modern Aesthetics

    This Scandinavian farmhouse exterior is an exquisite blend of traditional and contemporary features. The home is divided into three halves by a wood-floored facade that leads to a green lawn. Large windows and glass doors that look like clouds in the sky make each part of the gray walls look even better.

    A Combination of Classical And Modern Aesthetics
    A Combination Of Classical And Modern Aesthetics

    The light gray gable roof has a tiny chimney reaching towards the overcast heavens. This is the ideal complement to dark gray walls that are practically charcoal in the dark. This shows how different the modern house is from the field of flowers that surrounds it.

    15. Dark Wooden Walls Are Contrasted

    Dark timber walls contrast with the surrounding cold tundra in this Scandinavian-style residence. It means that you are welcome and hospitable, even in the face of bad weather.

    Scandinavian Exterior Design - Dark Wooden Walls
    Scandinavian Farmhouse Style Exterior – Dark Wooden Walls

    This beautiful dark house in a freezing tundra has gable roofs and small square windows. This gives it a modern look. It is a sign of peace and a place to get away from the tundra. It also includes the beauty of its surroundings in the welcome it gives.

    16. A House In The Blue Hills Is Brimming With Vitality

    This Scandinavian home has clean lines and modern features. It stands out against the bare branches of the forest. The flat roof and a lot of glass windows give the house a modern look in the middle of the woods.

    Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior - Vitality And Brilliance
    Scandinavian Farmhouse Style Exterior – Vitality And Brilliance

    This is the modern exterior design that seems to be a cozy nest amid a winter paradise of naked dancing trees. The snowy landscape tries to overwhelm, but the flat-roofed home’s pale walls win out.

    17. Slatted Wood Walls With Expansive Glass Doors

    This Scandinavian farmhouse exterior has three similar parts. Each with a gable roof, wooden slat walls, and large glass doors. These three pieces look like three brothers who are trying to keep each other warm in the cold snow.

    Slatted Wood Walls, Coupled with Expansive Glass Doors
    Slatted Wood Walls, Coupled with Expansive Glass Doors

    This is the front of a house in the Scandinavian style. It has a high gable roof and a small chimney on one side. The walls have a unique wooden slat style that adds interest to the white background.

    18. A Stone Wall Rises Between The Tall Trees

    In a Scandinavian farmhouse exterior, a large stone wall block stands out next to tall trees. This earthen wall holds up the rest of the modern house. This includes the flat roof, the glass walls, and the side balcony with steps down to the snowy landscape.

    Scandinavian Home Design - A Stone Wall Rises
    Scandinavian Modern Farmhouse Exterior – A Stone Wall Rises

    Snow accumulates on the flat rooftops of this Scandinavian-style house, accentuating them. Its earthy tones contrast with the snow-covered winter landscape that surrounds the home. It provides a warm welcome from the cold while still basking in its beauty via its expansive glass walls.

    19. Cathedral Ceilings And Wide Sliding Doors

    This is a front view of a Scandinavian house set against a sloping landscape of tall trees and bushes. It makes a beautiful backdrop for the simple elegance of the house and its white walls. This is complemented by a dark garage door and front door.

    Scandinavian Farmhouse Exterior - Cathedral Ceilings
    Scandinavian Modern Farmhouse Exterior – Cathedral Ceilings

    This is a gorgeous backyard with a carpet of well-kept grass. It’s ideal for outdoor gatherings, a nice quiet picnic, or just an afternoon of grass play. This is the view from the interior, as seen through the large glass windows and doors.

    20. A Coastal Oasis

    This is a nice and simple style for a Scandinavian farmhouse exterior. It has a front bay window and a roof with clay tiles that match the roof. The ledge that goes all the way around the house follows the shape of the bay windows. It has a variety of plants to set it off.

    Modern scandinavian exterior design - A Coastal Oasis
    Modern Scandinavian Exterior Design – A Coastal Oasis

    This exterior is wide and light. It is enhanced by a high cathedral ceiling with exposed wooden beams. The white walls enhance the brightness of this grand area.

    Further readings:

    Above are all the 20 best Scandinavian farmhouse exterior remodeling ideas. Farmhouse Rooms want to bring you the most useful information through this article. Hopefully, it helps upgrade your farmhouse to the most classic and sophisticated look. If you want to have more ideas to decorate any spaces in farmhouse style, visit our website now. We are confident to have the greatest suggestions for you.

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