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    Farmhouse ExteriorTop 24 Wonderful Colonial Farmhouse Exterior Ideas You'll Love

    Top 24 Wonderful Colonial Farmhouse Exterior Ideas You’ll Love

    The colonial farmhouse exterior may be traced back to the United States Colonial Era. But their symmetrical, two-story designs have been a big part of home building for 200 years.

    The colonial farmhouse is built in a style that dates back to the time when the United States was still a colony. They have square shapes, gabled roofs, symmetrical windows, and neutral colors. They are meant to be comfortable for a family to live in. To learn more about this style, read this article from Farmhouse Rooms!

    The Farmhouse Colonial Exterior Has Great Origins

    The terrain of the early American colonies brought with it the building of colonial architecture. The Exterior changed depending on who ruled the area. They were inspired by the ever-popular Georgian buildings based on British colonial design. These buildings are still popular today. These were built with a nine-window grid and a front entrance on the exterior.

    Canonical Farmhouse Exterior Has Great Origins
    Canonical Farmhouse Exterior Has Great Origins

    Later residences have brick on the front and siding on the rear. Colonial homes, no matter when they were built, are very symmetrical because they are easy to make.

    The classic farmhouse can be decorated in many different styles. We have to mention French colonial or Spanish Colonial.

    Best Modern Farmhouse Colonial Exterior Design Ideas

    1. Colonial Farmhouse With Window Grid

    Colonial Farmhouse Style - Window Grid
    Farmhouse Colonial Exterior – Window Grid

    A truly antique colonial farmhouse exterior will most likely be simple. The typical window grid runs across the front, and wood cladding wraps around the façade. However, colonial homes often have a pediment to keep them from being too formal. This is because of the Georgian and British colonial designs

    2. Brick Facades

    While clapboard siding was most common in traditional Colonial construction. Brick facades were sometimes seen. You may choose it for your Colonial-style farmhouse. The simple shape of the brick pattern adds interest to the space. It is an element that lacks in British Colonial architecture.

    Colonial Farmhouse Exterior - Brick Facades
    Colonial To Farmhouse Exterior – Brick Facades

    You could stumble upon a historic Colonial house with a stone façade every now and again. You know you’ve struck the jackpot. Stone Colonials are difficult to come by. If you can get it, do everything you can to keep its historical value for future generations.

    3. Colonial Farmhouse With Fireplaces

    Colonial Farmhouse Exterior - Fireplaces
    Colonial Farmhouse Exterior – Fireplaces

    In the cold winters, an American Colonial-style home would rely on fireplaces for heat. It also helps to make the outside look nice. Don’t be afraid to use brick columns as a part of your plan.

    4. Contemporary Needs

    Colonial Farmhouse Decor - Contemporary Needs
    Colonial Farmhouse Decor – Contemporary Needs

    A modern farmhouse colonial exterior design is seldom as genuine as a genuine one. A garage wing off the side of the home is popular, but with comparable window types, it may fit in with the rest of the house.

    5. Wing-Off One Side

    Wing-Off One Side
    Wing-Off One Side

    Is your American Colonial-style house missing a wing on one side? Add another on the other side to get the symmetry that is so important in farmhouse colonial exterior. You’ll also improve the appearance of your home’s exterior.

    6. Add Flourishes

    Colonial Farmhouse Exterior - Add Flourishes
    Farmhouse Colonial Exterior – Add Flourishes

    You may not know how simple it is to transform Colonial architecture into a fake Georgian. The place flourishes around the corners, around the roof, and at the front entrance. For colonial farmhouse exterior, this is easily a veneer of grandeur and grace.

    7. Not Plain Colors For Colonial Farmhouse

    Colonial Farmhouse Style - Not Plain Colors
    Colonial To Farmhouse Exterior – Not Plain Colors

    Don’t believe that the outside of a contemporary colonial farmhouse has to be boring. Painting your exterior in a striking color such as dusty gray, blue, or even black. It may bring your house up to date with the rest of the neighborhood.

    8. Paint Your Front Door

    Colonial Farmhouse Style - Paint Your Front Door
    Colonial Farmhouse Exterior – Paint Your Front Door

    Even the smallest splash of color can completely transform a room. If you don’t have the money to paint your entire home, start with the front entrance. Colors like scarlet, turquoise, or purple will give your colonial farmhouse a new look.

    Fantastic Colonial To Farmhouse Exterior Paint Color Ideas

    9. Creamy, Warm Shades of White

    Instead of pure white, off-whites will be used more and more on the outside of classic farmhouses. The ideal whites to choose for your canonical exterior are creamy and warm tones.  

    Colonial Farmhouse Exterior - Creamy, Warm Shades of White
    Modern Farmhouse Colonial Exterior – Creamy, Warm Shades of White

    Depending on your tastes, you may go with something brighter or darker. I recommend looking at off-whites rather than real whites. This might seem a little too chilly and clinical to make a family’s home feel warm and relaxed. Warm whites pair nicely with wood elements if you have them in your colonial farmhouse exterior.

    10. Colonial Farmhouse With Beautiful Beige Color

    Colonial Farmhouse Decor - Beautiful Beige Color
    Colonial Farmhouse Ideas – Beautiful Beige Color

    Another neutral hue that has come into its own is beige. It may seem like an odd option, but it has a lot going for it. Beige is a warm hue that works well for any farmhouse colonial exterior painting project. However, it resists yellowing with time, so you won’t have to repaint it very soon.

    11. Metallics, Particularly Bronze

    Old Colonial Farmhouse - Metallics, Particularly Bronze
    Modern Farmhouse Colonial Exterior – Metallics, Particularly Bronze

    It can be hard to find good metallic paints. However, more and more companies are making bronze colors that look great. This is a stylish hue that will make people take a second look at your property. Pairing this color with additional golden accents makes it even more appealing.

    12. Colonial Farmhouse With Slate Blue Is Fantastic

    Gray is a well-liked hue but blue is as well. Slate blue is an excellent option since it blends all of those hues for a calm and neutral atmosphere. 

    Colonial Farmhouse Exterior - Slate Blue Is Fantastic
    Colonial To Farmhouse Exterior – Slate Blue Is Fantastic

    If you want to show off your own personality on the colonial farmhouse exterior, slate blue is a great choice. However, since it comes in a variety of colors, testing is essential. For the best effects, see the painting at various light levels.

    13. Greens From The Ground

    Green is a color that works well for some classic farmhouses but not so well for others. Before making a decision, you might want to draw a picture of what your house might look like. 

    Colonial Farmhouse Style - Greens From The Ground
    Colonial Farmhouse With Greens From The Ground

    But if you want a traditional color for the exterior that is based on nature, earthy greens are a good choice. Even if you don’t use it as the dominant color, it may be used as an accent around the windows.

    14. Colonial Exterior With Grays

    Pale gray is a nice alternative to beige or warm whites for homes. While dark gray isn’t as trendy as it once was, lighter grays look wonderful with green accents. 

    Old Colonial Farmhouse - Grays Are Understated
    Farmhouse Colonial Exterior  – Grays Are Understated

    Some of these paints have warm undertones, while others have cool undertones. Consider what works best for you on both bright and foggy days.

    15. Navy Blue Glamour

    Navy, like slate, is another blue color that occurs in a variety of shades. Some may look predominantly blue, while others may appear more royal blue. 

    Colonial Farmhouse Exterior - Navy Blue Glamour
    Modern Farmhouse Colonial Exterior – Navy Blue Glamour

    Most of the time, a neutral navy blue is the best choice for painting the colonial farmhouse exterior. It looks great on anything from a mid-century contemporary house to a beach hut.

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    Spectacular Farmhouse Colonial Exterior American Styles From 1600 To 1800

    The Pilgrims were not the only settlers in Colonial America. Between 1600 and 1800, men and women came from all over the world. They came from Germany, France, Spain, and Latin America, among other places. Family members brought with them their cultures, customs, and architectural styles. The New World’s new residences were as different as the arriving populace.

    16. New England Colonial

    The first British people to move to New England built wooden houses just like the ones they had seen in Britain. New England was made up of things like wood and rock. Many of these buildings look like they were built in the Middle Ages. They have big stone chimneys and windows with diamond-shaped panes. 

    Old Colonial Farmhouse - New England Colonial
    Farmhouse In New England Colonial Style

    They are often referred to as Post-Medieval England. Because these buildings were made of wood, just a handful of them is still standing. Neocolonial homes still have some charming features of New England colonial farmhouse exterior.

    17. German Colonial

    Germans who moved to North America lived in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland. German colonists built strong homes with thick walls, exposed wood, and hand-cut beams. 

    Colonial Farmhouse Decor - German Colonial
    Modern Farmhouse Colonial Decor – German Colonial

    This style is shown by the Jacob Keim farmhouse in Oley, Pennsylvania, which was built in 1753. The first house was made of limestone from the area and had a flat roof made of red clay tiles. It is like the “beaver tail” roofs of Bavaria in southern Germany.

    18. Spanish Colonial

    The term “Spanish Colonial” is used to describe beautiful stucco mansions. They have fountains, patios, and lots of intricate details. Those lovely homes, however, are likely charming Spanish rustic farmhouse exterior revivals. Early explorers from Spain, Mexico, and Latin America made their homes out of wood, adobe, crushed shells, or stone. 

    Colonial Farmhouse Exterior - Spanish Colonial
    Colonial To Farmhouse Exterior – Spanish Colonial

    Low, flat roofs were covered with earth, thatch, or red clay tiles. Pueblo Revival houses are also found in California and the American Southwest. They combine Hispanic and Native American styles.

    Few original Spanish colonial homes still stand. But many good ones have been kept or rebuilt in St. Augustine, Florida. This was the first permanent European settlement in the United States. The González–Alvarez House claims to be the oldest Spanish colonial farmhouse exterior in the city. It was built in the 1600s.

    19. Dutch Colonial

    Dutch immigrants, like German colonists, carried with them construction customs from their homeland. Most of them lived in New York State. They built brick and stone houses with roofs that looked like they were made in the Dutch style.

    Old Colonial Farmhouse - Dutch Colonial
    Modern Farmhouse Colonial Exterior  – Dutch Colonial

    The gambrel roof is a trademark of Dutch Colonial architecture. In the 20th century, the outside of Dutch colonial farmhouses became a popular revival style. And most homes built in the 20th century had rounder roofs.

    20. Cape Cod Houses

    A Cape Cod home is a form of New England colonial house. Cape Cod homes are one-story buildings made to withstand the cold and snow of the New World. They are named after the peninsula where the Pilgrims first set foot. 

    Colonial Farmhouse Exterior - Cape Cod Houses
    Colonial To Farmhouse Exterior – Cape Cod Houses

    The dwellings are as simple, basic, and functional as their inhabitants. After hundreds of years, builders used the practical and inexpensive Cape Cod design. It helps to make cheap homes in the suburbs of the United States.

    Even today, its no-nonsense aesthetic evokes coziness and comfort. Not all Cape Cod-style homes are from the colonial era. This style is an important part of American history.

    21. Colonial Farmhouse With Stone Ender Houses

    In the end, the early colonial farmhouse exterior in the United States was vernacular. It means they were built with local building materials and had local, domestic, practical architecture. Limestone was a common construction material in the region that is now known as Rhode Island.  

    Colonial Farmhouse Exterior - Stone Ender Houses
    Farmhouse Colonial Exterior – Stone Ender Houses

    Colonists in northern Rhode Island started building houses that looked like those in western England. They use materials from the Blackstone River. Because only one end of the building, a big chimney was made of stone, it was called a “Stone Ender.”

    22. Georgian Colonial

    The New World swiftly turned into a melting pot. As the 13 original colonies grew, more wealthy people built homes based on the Georgian style. 

    Old Colonial Farmhouse - Georgian Colonial
    Colonial To Farmhouse Exterior – Georgian Colonial

    Georgian mansions are named after English kings and queens. They are tall and rectangular, and the second floor has a straight line of windows. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, many Colonial Revival mansions looked like they were made in the royal Georgian style.

    23. Colonial Exterior – French

    The English, Germans, and Dutch were making a new country along the east coast of North America. While French people were coming to the Mississippi Valley, especially Louisiana. 

    Old Colonial Farmhouse - French Colonial
    Modern Farmhouse Colonial Exterior – French Colonial

    French colonial homes are built with a mix of African, Caribbean, and West Indian ideas. They were brought back to Europe. The French colonial farmhouse exterior is built on piers and made for the hot, swampy climate. The internal chambers are linked by wide, open porches known as galleries.

    24. Colonial Farmhouse With Federal And Adam

    Federalist architecture marks the end of the colonial farmhouse period in the newly formed United States. Americans want to build buildings that reflect the values of their new country. While they also show beauty and wealth. 

    Colonial Farmhouse Exterior - Federal And Adam
    Colonial To Farmhouse Exterior – Federal And Adam

    Rich landowners built more elegant versions of the plain Georgian colonial architecture. They take ideas from the Adam brothers, a family of Scottish architects. These Federal or Adam-style homes got porticoes, balustrades, fanlights, and other decorations.


    Above are colonial farmhouse exterior ideas that Farmhouse Rooms has brought to you. I hope these ideas are for you to refer to and upgrade your home.

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