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    Farmhouse Exterior9 Stunning Modern Industrial Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

    9 Stunning Modern Industrial Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

    Other styles of exterior design have been around for decades. But the industrial farmhouse exterior style has only been around for about a decade. This design made a lot of noise when it first came out. But then it has since become one of the most popular exterior styles in both the east and west.

    Its rough, unpolished look stands in stark contrast to the smoother, cozier shapes. Just because of this, someone might feel at ease and at home. Hence, Farmhouse Rooms is giving you 9 ideas for the outside of an industrial farmhouse.

    What Is The Industrial Farm Definition?

    What Is The Industrial Farm Definition?
    What Is The Industrial Farm Definition?

    The industrial farmhouse is a popular design style. It mixes elements of both the industrial and farmhouse styles. These were popular in the past. Industrial farmhouse decor mixes hard and soft, old and new. It also mixes cold and warm finishes, textures, exteriors, and decorations. It makes designs that are modern and comfortable. They also have a timeless quality that comes from the history of the world.

    Key Elements Of Industrial Farmhouse Exterior Style

    Industrial Elements

    Industrial Farmhouse Exterior Elements
    Industrial Farmhouse Exterior – Industrial Elements

    • Priority should be given to raw materials such as brick, metal, glass, concrete, and timber.
    • Simple, powerful, clear lines are preferred in architecture, fixtures, and décor.
    • Don’t have to use drywall to hide plumbing, ductwork, wiring, and other parts of a building. It can put them on display.
    • Some of the building’s original parts should be kept. It looks like walls made of exposed brick, ceiling beams made of rough wood, and windows with a metal grid. It also has polished concrete floors that have been kept and are on display.
    • Materials used for a long time often have a patina that shows their history and where they came from.
    • Newer buildings that don’t have a lot of history may use salvaged or new materials made to look old.
    • The colors are usually dark, like black, brown, and gray, but they can also be lighter, like white or beige.
    • Subway tiles are often used on the industrial farmhouse exterior. The tiles look more industrial, though, because of the black grout.
    • The fixtures are black metal, oil-rubbed bronze, or copper.

    Modern Farmhouse Elements

    Industrial Farm Definition - Modern Farmhouse Elements
    Industrial Farm Definition – Modern Farmhouse Elements

    • A lot of the modern farmhouse style is based on natural materials like wood and stone. Cotton, rattan, linen, and linen are also standard.
    • Neutral color schemes are white or neutral shades of cream, beige, or gray.
    • White subway tiles will cover the walls. The countertops will be marble, and the appliances will be stainless steel. Also, sinks, fixtures, and white Shaker-style cabinets and walls.
    • Reclaimed, salvaged, and weathered materials and finishes. It gives the house a sense of history that makes it look like a real farmhouse.
    • Often, the outside of a modern farmhouse has vintage, antique, or reproduction items. It can be like farm signs, wrought iron objects, or tools. It also has decorative garden tools like cake molds or train wheels that look like they are from the past.

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    9 Wonderful Industrial Farmhouse Exterior Designs

    Deck It Out: A Modern Industrial Farmhouse

    You could set up your backyard to look like a porch. Nothing looks better on an industrial farmhouse exterior than a ranch or cabin feel. Using boards to build the floor and stairs of the deck gives the whole house a more industrial look.
    Wood is a good choice if you want a smooth, easy-to-clean surface as well. Your neighbors will be jealous of your outdoor space if you add a stone or concrete path to the woods.

    Deck It Out: A Modern Industrial Farmhouse Exterior
    Deck It Out: A Modern Industrial Farmhouse Exterior

    Decks give people a sense of industrial and may be the best place to spend the summer. It adds to the value of your home and could be even better if you put in a swimming pool. Your industrial farmhouse might be more peaceful right away.
    The size of your deck will depend on how much land you have and how many people you want to host. It might be expensive, but if you think about the memories you’ll make while relaxing on your new deck, it’s worth it. It might be well worth the money in the long run.

    An Industrial Farmhouse Exterior With A Stone Chimney

    A stone chimney is one of the few improvements that add a level of comfort that is hard to find elsewhere. Chimneys aren’t just for Santa Claus to come down every December. Any exterior with a modern or industrial look will always have a stone chimney on the outside.
    Even if you don’t use your chimney all year, just having one can make your home feel cozier. Even if the candle is never lit, it is still possible. That’s how much a fireplace changes a house.

    Industrial Farmhouse Exterior With Outdoor Fireplace
    Industrial Farmhouse Exterior With Outdoor Fireplace

    A fireplace or wood stove outside is a great way to host events late into the fall. Take the plunge if you want to add this kind of homey atmosphere to your menu. You can make a fireplace with just a few simple things.
    By using stone instead of brick. You may be able to give the industrial farmhouse exterior a unique design that no one else has. Read on for more ideas about how to decorate your home.

    Extend The Industrial Farmhouse’s Porch With A Pool

    We’ve talked about the benefits of adding a porch. But there’s one more way to improve the outside space with something that makes you think of summer. A back porch with a pool is a great place to have a party with family and friends until Labor Day.

    With all of these trees around them, these small stairs and an open porch by the pool may look like a spa. What looks best will depend on the look you want to achieve. It is very important to keep the industrial farmhouse exterior looking the same.

    Industrial Farmhouse decor Ideas With A Pool
    Industrial Farmhouse Decor Ideas With A Pool

    Your porch will definitely be unique, so why not show it off with a bright color? Choose colors that go with the rest of the house. The dark colors look great next to the clear and bright water in the pool. It will bring an industrial vibe to your porch.
    You can swim whenever you want and then eat a big meal to get your energy back. Read on for more ideas on how to get your industrial farmhouse ready for a makeover.

    An Industrial Farmhouse’s Exterior Features Sophisticated Brick

    A brick house doesn’t have to look the same as all the others. There are many ways to make bricks stronger while keeping their style. It might even look like a lot of money! You can paint the industrial farmhouse’s exterior bright white. It will look like it belongs in the hills.

    The painted brick shines, and you’ll fall in love with the same level of luxury in your design style. It could make the rest of the industrial farmhouse exterior look better.

    Industrial Farmhouse Decor Ideas With Sophisticated Brick
    Industrial Farmhouse Decor Ideas With Sophisticated Brick

    The same can be said about a lot of the other ideas on this list. Cohesion is very important if you want to look better. The upper deck, or balcony, separates the top and bottom floors. They make the building look much taller.

    Also, the black trim on the windows and doors makes the house look more elegant. Your industrial farmhouse will look like it’s worth a million dollars if you add a few more details. Read on for more ideas about how to decorate the outside.

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    For An Industrial Farmhouse Exterior, Stone Is The Way To Go

    The stones have been there for hundreds of years for a reason. Few things are better for building a house than wood. Even though it is rarely used on the outside, it may be set up and ready to do other things.

    Stone can be used for more than just trim and small details. You can add it to more of your surroundings. You may be able to make your industrial farmhouse exterior look much more real. You can try out different shades of stone, or you can stick to a small number of colors for a more uniform look.

    Industrial Farmhouse Exterior With Stone
    Industrial Farmhouse Exterior With Stone

    As with the inside, stone can be used on the outside of the building to help tie the look of the whole place together. Stone can be used to cover the outside walls, doors, fireplaces, and windows to make them look better.
    Also, the stone is good for the environment. It uses less energy and saves natural resources. Astone veneer is lighter than real stone. So, many people choose this look for the industrial farmhouse exterior.

    Is Your Industrial Farmhouse Causing Horizontal Vision?

    Horizontal siding is a popular choice for modern industrial farmhouse designs. It has clean lines that draw the eye. Even the design space can be looked at in a straight line.
    If you have many floors, you might be able to fit more rooms into a smaller space. If all your rooms are on the ground floor, it can look like a huge mess. This “porch” is made of flagstones that are far enough apart to let the grass grow between them. Surprisingly, it seems to be more natural than unkempt.

    Horizontal Modern Industrial Farmhouse Exterior
    Horizontal Modern Industrial Farmhouse Exterior

    A horizontal line makes the building and the groundwork work well together. That’s not the only reason it looks good. Horizontal siding is a great choice for old farmhouses because it was used on barns and farm homes.

    Horizontal siding has a classic look and is easy to recognize. This nod to the look of an industrial farmhouse exterior will never be out of style.

    Constructing Your Industrial Farmhouse Exterior

    At the same time, you can make your yard look nicer and create a unique path to your house. You can mix and match the methods to create a style that is both useful and attractive. If you build your farmhouse on a hill, you might feel like the king of your land.
    You can make your industrial farmhouse stand out from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. This is by done building stairs up to it and plant flowers on the sloped hill.

    Industrial Farm Definition - Constructing Industrial Farmhouse Exterior
    Industrial Farm Definition – Constructing Industrial Farmhouse Exterior

    There are different ways to get this look that will fit in with the rest of your modern industrial farmhouse exterior design. Gardens can be both natural and beautiful places to be outside. It all depends on the look you want to go for.
    You could also use angled bluestone stairs. It is to show visitors that they are getting close to a more formal entryway next door. Natural might seem more laid-back. You are completely in charge of the message you want to send.

    Planks And Battens For A Modern Industrial Farmhouse Exterior

    Boards and battens are often used to make the siding on farms. The boards, which are the panels or planks, are held together by the batten, which is a thin strip of wood molding.
    The batten is needed to hide where the boards that go up and down meet. This is all done at the same time by shading, and the texture looks great. Even though it’s different, it reminds me of the same place.

    For A Industrial Farmhouse Exterior Bring In The Planks And Battens
    For A Industrial Farmhouse Exterior Bring In The Planks And Battens

    Its cool style goes well with the metal roof and beautiful landscaping. Whiteboards, black windows, and black steel go well with board and batten. Who says you can only use one material when two look just as good? Industrial farmhouse exterior designs can be put together in different ways. It saves money on the total cost of a project.

    It also gives the story depth and interest. Stucco is a cost-effective and durable cement design. This material is long-lasting and looks good with board-and-batten homes. If you want more ideas for the outside of your next farmhouse, keep reading. You can get ideas from them.

    The Purchase Of A Gable Roof

    One of the most important things about a house is its roof. Gable roofs are a common part of modern industrial farmhouse decor. It has an old-fashioned look.
    When you were young and drew pictures of houses, you always put that kind of roof on them. This is another way that the modern industrial farmhouse exterior makes you feel at home. From lower levels around the building, you can also get to the top.

    The Purchase Of A Gable Roof
    The Purchase Of A Gable Roof

    The roofs are what make old and new farmhouses look different from the outside. Gable roofs have two sides with peaks that slope down toward the house. But hipped roofs can be made so that all the other materials slope down toward the building’s walls.

    Your child’s art could come to life and have the same industrial farmhouse exterior style. Is that why everything looks like it’s been seen before?

    Further readings:

    The 9 ways to improve the industrial farmhouse exterior are listed above. Farmhouse Rooms wants to give you all the information you need. These are to turn your farmhouse into a space that is both industrial and stylish.

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