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    Farmhouse Exterior22 New European Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas To Inspire

    22 New European Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas To Inspire

    European farmhouse exterior brilliantly combines rustic and sophisticated elements. It brings historic European architecture into the modern day. They differ in size, from little farmhouses to grand chateaux. All emanate an air of antiquity and charm. Take inspiration from these European farmhouses to design your stately hideaway. If you want to spot an authentic European farmhouse, all you have to do is look at samples of well-done designs.

    And now check 22 exterior design ideas to inspire with Farmhouse Rooms. Take a look at these images and homes and think about how they show off the classic aesthetic and how they did it.

    The Best European Exterior Style

    The outside of European style combines the homey feel of the American farmhouse with the elegance of the old world. The style is not defined by a single country or place, but rather by a mix of elements from different places.

    The European farmhouse is best described as relaxing and cozy. It has an old-world air and European elegance. It is mostly neutral with earthy tones, a variety of textures, and an old object collection. It has a certain allure; it is neither fussy nor excessive. Rather, it’s straightforward and timeless.

    What Is The European Farmhouse Exterior Style?
    What Is The European Farmhouse Exterior Style?

    A European farmhouse has a more muted, earthy, and antique façade. Charm and grace permeate the European farmhouse, which is not extravagant or flashy. It borrows from the simple and minimalist style of the American farmhouse.

    European Farmhouse Style Exterior – Architecture

    Modern European Farmhouse Style - Architecture
    Modern European Farmhouse Style – Architecture

    The open concept of European farmhouse exteriors can be traced to this model in the US. Archways, diamond grid windows, and wooden beams can be used to evoke a bygone age in a room.

    European Farmhouse Style Exterior With Textures And Colors

    Utilize neutral and subdued tones to suggest the outdoors. They provide a blank canvas for your items to shine. Warm hues provide a feeling of timelessness and create an inviting atmosphere.  

    European Farmhouse Exterior - Textures And Colors
    European Farmhouse Style Exterior – Textures And Colors

    Adding depth and richness to your design is as simple as adding a striking dark color and a variety of metals.

    An additional layer of texture can be added to an object. Leaving it unpolished and unfinished, especially if it shows evidence of wear and age.

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    Wonderful Styles Of European Farmhouse Exterior

    With spring on the horizon, all outside tasks are on my mind. I’m looking forward to getting back to yard maintenance and preparing for green days. Occasionally, my fantasies go too far. I imagine cladding our modern farmhouse in stone. Then installing copper gutters to give it an old-world feel. 

    9 Wonderful european farmhouse style exterior
    Wonderful European Exterior

    I thought it would be a good idea to get a picture of the outside of a European farmhouse, even though it’s unlikely. It helps me come up with ideas for the inside and outside of my house.

    1. The English Modern Cottage

    The English Modern Cottage
    The English Modern Cottage

    To begin, take a look at this gem. Its German schmear exterior, arched doorways, and slanted roofs make it look like a European farmhouse. Not to mention the wonderful contrast provided by the charcoal-painted trim.

    2. Modern European Exterior With Colonial Dutch

    Modern european farmhouse exterior - Colonial Dutch
    Modern European Farmhouse Exterior – Colonial Dutch

    This modernized Dutch colonial has all the angles in the roofline that make it “special”. The cedar roof with copper gutters adds a touch of Europe.

    3. Tudor Mansion

    European Farmhouse Exteior - Tudor Mansion
    European Farmhouse Style Exterior – Tudor Mansion

    I like a magnificent Tudor home. Originally, I named our design Farmhouse Tudor. Because I adore the diamond-shaped windows and classic elegance of a Tudor home. A Tudor, in my opinion, is a 1940’s European-inspired residence. I like this adorable Tudor-style European lady.

    4. European Ranch

    European farmhouse style exterior With Ranch
    European Farmhouse Style Exterior With Ranch

    This has the appeal of European stone and wooden beams. Additionally, the shutters contribute to the European charm. It seems a bit more rustic than I want. This is why I’m referring to it as my “ranch” rather than a European farmhouse exterior.

    5. Haven European

    European Farmhouse Exterior - Haven European
    Exterior Farmhouse Ideas – Haven European

    This jaw-dropping property is full of painted brick and reclaimed wood. That gives it a unique feel. Not to mention the cedar shake, the sloping roof, and the Italian cypress that towers over the house.

    6. A Cottage In The French style

    This European farmhouse’s front facade reminds me of things that are old and have stood the test of time. There is nothing modern about it.

    Modern European Farmhouse Style - A Cottage In The French style

    Modern European Farmhouse Style – A Cottage In The French styleWith French country colors, patterns, and ornaments, you’ll feel like you’re in the countryside. It is surrounded by vineyards and towns.

    7. Magnificent Modern European Farmhouse Style

    Modern european farmhouse exterior - Magnificent Europe
    Modern European Farmhouse Exterior – Magnificent Europe

    This home oozes charm and stone, not to mention the complementary landscape. The shutters open outward as if to smell the lavender fields. They are one thing I like about a great European design.

    8. The European Farmhouse Style Exterior: Countryside

    European farmhouse style exterior - The French Countryside
    European Farmhouse Style Exterior – The French Countryside

    This traditional European exterior design has stunning roof peaks. Dry-walled rooms with plaster walls and old-fashioned lantern illumination. In the French style, you will find ceiling beams, carved wood, and elegant light fixtures.

    9. A Modern European Farmhouse Style With Shutter

    This reminds me a little of my house… Maybe I should add shutters?

    European Farmhouse Exterior With Shutter
    European Farmhouse Exterior Design With Shutter

    It can be hard to choose the right exterior shutters. Because, like most home projects, they will last for a long time and you want to make sure you make the right choice. 

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    Incredible European Farmhouse Porch Ideas That Are Worth Noting

    10. It Includes An Eating Area Outside

    It Includes An Eating Area Outside Porch Ideas
    It Includes An Eating Area Outside Porch Ideas

    At its best, eating outside means having a big table and comfortable chairs that invite you to stay for a while. This set is great for warm summer nights. It has slipcovered chairs, a table with a stone top, and nice decorations.

    11. Bearing In Mind The Ceilings

    European Farmhouse Exterior - Bearing In Mind The Ceilings
    European Farmhouse Exterior Design – Bearing In Mind The Ceilings

    Use a different kind of wood on the ceiling to make a porch look bigger and add interest from above. The light gray shingles and matching decking provide a tranquil and beautiful background.

    12. The Lighting Statement

    Not To Be Overlooked Is The Lighting Statement
    Not To Be Overlooked Is The Lighting Statement

    From dusk until dawn, you can relax on the porch of a European farmhouse exterior. Make sure it has enough overhead lighting and a lounge-like design. They show off the rustic charm and add color to the neutral design.

    13. Incorporating A Vine-Covered Pergola

    Incorporating A Vine-Covered Pergola 
    Incorporating A Vine-Covered Pergola

    As you can see, a pergola with lots of plants gives this welcoming doorway shade and a country feel. If you keep the rest of the design simple, you can let the charming European farmhouse porch do the talking.

    14. European Farmhouse Style Exterior With Make It A Private Conversation

    European Farmhouse Exterior With Make It A Private Conversation
    Exterior Farmhouse Ideas – Make It A Private Conversation

    Think about hanging sage green drapes on the European farmhouse exterior. That makes it feel like a cabana and gives you a beautiful way to get some privacy. This room looks better with the white pillows, wide chairs, and limestone floor.

    15. Install A Heat Source If Necessary

    European Farmhouse Exterior - Install A Heat Source If Necessary
    European Farmhouse Style Exterior – Install A Heat Source If Necessary

    If you want to add warmth to your outdoor spaces, think about putting a fire pit on your back porch. This can turn a seasonal spot into an outdoor living room you can use all year. This hideaway also has a TV and a fireplace, as well as a lot of comfortable seats for both relaxing and playing.

    16. Set Up A Few Lights Around The Porch

    Set Up A Few Lights Around The Room
    Set Up A Few Lights Around The Room

    Anywhere you hang string lights, they will lend a touch of whimsy and ambiance to the environment. They can be used on the porch of a European farmhouse to add both light and a nice touch of style.

    17. Use Of Floral Arrangements

    Flowers are a great way to add color to a black-and-white farmhouse porch. Furthermore, they are not only cost-effective but can also be quickly changed.

    European Farmhouse Exterior - Floral Arrangements
    European Farmhouse Style Exterior – Floral Arrangements

    Put some fresh flowers from the season in a couple of pots to add some color to this traditional entryway. The entryway has herringbone brick flooring, wood-paneled walls, and a lot of windows. When it comes to European farmhouse exterior design, this arrangement is ideal.

    18. Exterior Should Be Included Mirrors

    Modern european farmhouse exterior - Mirrors Should Be Included
    Modern European Farmhouse Exterior – Mirrors Should Be Included

    It works well to use mirrors to reflect light and give the impression of more space and depth. And even though they are common inside, they may offer the same benefits on the outside as they do inside. I put a variety of small rattan mirrors on this farmhouse porch to make a decorative design. This gives it a boho vibe.

    Other Modern European Farmhouse Style Exterior Ideas

    19. Window Shutters Add A Touch Of Elegance

    Putting up window shutters is an easy way to improve the look of the outside of your modern farmhouse. When you use shutters, you can control how much light comes into your house. This makes it more private and secure and even protects it from bad weather.

    Window Shutters Add A Touch Of Elegance
    Window Shutters Add A Touch Of Elegance

    There are many styles you can choose from to help you get the overall look you want. You are certain to locate the ideal shutter for your home.

    When shopping for shutters, you must consider the space between each wooden slat. This is what gives your house its personality. The plantation-style shutter is a popular style that makes a big impact even on small windows.

    20. Don’t Ignore Minor Urban Details

    Just because you’re going for a more rural look doesn’t mean you can’t get ideas from the city. By adding urban elements to the European farmhouse exterior, you may make the whole thing feel more complete.

    European farmhouse style exterior - Don't Ignore Minor Urban Details
    European Farmhouse Style Exterior – Don’t Ignore Minor Urban Details

    A barn-style home may be even more charming if it has aesthetic features that draw you in. They show off a unique architectural treasure in the middle of your neighborhood.

    Several of these ideas involve putting lamp posts in your yard. This gives your home a modern look as soon as your guests pull into the driveway. The combination of traditional and country chic may be very appealing and appealing.

    21. Install a White Picket Fence Around The Exterior

    When finding the European farmhouse exterior, the picket fence came to mind at first. The style is connected with the American quest for happiness. However, its roots go back to Europe, where pickets were used in military gear.

    European Farmhouse Exterior - Install a White Picket Fence
    Install a White Picket Fence

    If you’re not a fan of the white picket fence, you may still integrate the traditional look into your home. A picket fence painted the same color as the house serves as a discreet tie-in. What you want is contingent upon the nature of the search.

    22. Combining Balanced Materials

    Because the European farmhouse exterior combines the clean lines of modern design with the charm of country living. there is plenty of opportunity for creativity. Wood may be used in conjunction with black and white. Nothing prevents you from making your home truly unique.

    Combine Materials That Are Balanced
    Combine Materials That Are Balanced

    To have a European exterior, you have to try out different materials that fit your personality. You can set yourself apart from your neighbors by using unique roof decorations. Contrast may be an ally as you experiment with the components.

    Further readings:

    The 22 new European farmhouse exterior design ideas to inspire are listed above. Farmhouse Rooms is all about giving you all the useful information you need for a perfect exterior. We hope this post helps you to turn your farmhouse into a place that feels elegant and timeless. And if you love this style, check our website for more articles.

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