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    Farmhouse Dining Room15 Best Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs To Achieve Rustic Charm

    15 Best Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs To Achieve Rustic Charm

    If you are looking for farmhouse dining room rugs, then this article is for you.

    The farmhouse design enchants us with its warmth and comfort. Let’s talk about the farmhouse dining room in this post. You might realize that each piece in this dining room has its own antique beauty and unique purpose. It might be the truss beam table that creates an old look or a pretty chandelier that lights up the whole space.

    So how about the rugs? What types of farmhouse rugs are you interested in? If you’re still having trouble finding the right one, check ideas from Farmhouse Rooms now!

    4 Elements For Choosing The Best Dining Room Rugs Farmhouse

    A dining room rug is for more than just protecting the floor or making it feel good to walk on. Most of the time, it’s for looks or because you want a rug to match the furniture and make the room look better.

    The Best Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs
    The Best Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs

    A rug, on the other hand, serves to mask sounds and offer warmth, both literally and metaphorically. It shields your feet from chilly, bare flooring while also concealing less-than-appealing surfaces.

    But how do you go about choosing the best rug covering? Colors and patterns are the primary motivators for decisions. You also need to think about things like the size, shape, color, and material of your dining room.

    1. Rug Size

    Size is important when you buy any rug, but it is especially important when you buy a rug for your dining room.

    A dining room rug should ideally be big enough to accommodate your dining table and chairs. There should be enough space so that when chairs are moved away from the table, their back legs remain on it.

    Farmhouse Rug Ideas - Size
    Farmhouse Rug Ideas – Size

    Don’t forget about the table leaves. Don’t forget to include the full length of your table when you measure your rug. Take into consideration any leaves you use while measuring. When choosing farmhouse dining room rugs, size matters a lot.

    Check the room dimensions to see how your rug will fit in there. For a balanced impression, leave equal amounts of room on both sides.

    Farmhouse Dining Room rug Size
    Farmhouse Dining Room Rug Size

    Choose a size that lets the rug end before the front legs of a sideboard, freestanding bar, or any other furniture in the room. Never place just the front legs of a piece of furniture on the carpet, since this throws off the balance. If you can’t prevent it, prop up the back legs with rubber or wood shims.

    2. Rug Form

    Select a rug shape that will suit your dining room furnishings. The majority of dining room carpets are rectangles, although any form can do. It is most visually appealing for the rug to mirror the curve of the table.

    Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs Form
    Farmhouse Dining Rug Form

    A long, thin table, for example, looks good on a narrow rectangle. While a round or oval rug highlights the form of a round or oval table.

    3. Material

    Consider that your dining room rug will be sat on by hefty pieces of furniture. Chairs are being dragged out and shoved in. Accidents with food may occur, and there will be crumbs even if no large spills occur.

    Dining Room Rug Ideas - Material
    Dining Room Rug Ideas – Material

    The material you choose is critical to the durability of your farmhouse dining room rugs. Understandably, your budget may also play a role in material selection.

    Think about wear and tear. A dining room rug is likely to get a lot of use, so a material that is easy to clean and can stand up to heavy use is a plus.

    Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs - Material
    Farmhouse Dining Room Rug Ideas – Material

    If you like silk or cotton carpets, keep in mind that they probably won’t be able to handle this kind of abuse. Wool is a fantastic option, but it is also a costly material.

    Simple upkeep: Man-made textiles are simple to clean and maintain. Indoor-outdoor rugs have come a long way and have gotten better in both look and texture.

    4. Pattern And Color

    The selection of a color or pattern is critical. These two pieces provide visual interest and appeal to your dining area.

    Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs - Pattern And Color
    Farmhouse Rugs For Dining Room – Pattern And Color

    Decide on the rug’s purpose. The color of your rug may serve as a starting point for your room’s color scheme or as a means to bring colors together. Decide how you want to use the color of your rug in your dining room: as an accent, to add drama, warmth, or to soften the mood.

    Carpets with several colors and patterns. These rugs offer the benefit of hiding stains. These are farmhouse dining room rugs, which are very important for pattern and color.

    Even though medallion designs are often used in dining rooms, an all-over pattern might be more attractive. The medallions are often buried under the table.

    Farmhouse Dining Room Rug - Pattern And Color
    Farmhouse Dining Room Rug – Pattern And Color

    Stripes: This popular design element can make a room appear longer or larger.

    Complement the topic or era with: Choose a pattern that complements the era of the furniture. Traditional furniture looks good with a Persian or Oriental rug. While the 1950s and 1960s furniture look good with a plain-colored rug with a unique texture.

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    15 Wonderful Farmhouse Dining Room Rug Ideas That Can Update Your Space

    1. Jute Braided Dining Room Rug Ideas

    This 100% jute braided rug is ideal for finishing off your country style. It has a warm, neutral color and a thick texture that can go with any kind of decor. Jute is a natural fabric, so it’s good for the environment.

    Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs - Jute Braided Rug
    Farmhouse Dining Room Rug – Jute Braided Rug


    Jute is a hard-wearing fiber. So, these farmhouse dining room rugs would work in almost any room in your house, especially high-traffic rooms like the living room or hallway.

    2. Oriental Area Rug In Ivory And Grey

    This white and grey area rug has a fading oriental medallion pattern. It is ideal for anybody looking to create a French farmhouse appearance in their home. It contains flecks of deep blue in the pattern, which adds a bit of color to this lovely design.

    Oriental Area Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs In Ivory And Grey
    Oriental Area Farmhouse Dining Rugs In Ivory And Grey


    Because these farmhouse dining room rugs are durable, you could use them in places like living rooms and kitchens that get a lot of use. It doesn’t get dirty easily, which makes it a great choice for families with dogs and kids.

    3. Area Rug With Natural Braided Treillage And Tassels

    Natural hues work particularly well for carpets in farmhouse design. This natural braided area rug is hand-woven from 100 percent jute. It gives your space warm brown, cream, and tan tones.

    Area Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs With Natural Braided Treillage And Tassels
    Area Farmhouse Rug Ideas With Natural Braided Treillage And Tassels


    It has a unique raised braided trellis pattern that gives the overall look of interest. To enhance the aesthetic, it includes braided tassels at either end.

    4. An Elegant Berber Shag Area Rug

    The Godalming Berber shag area rug is an Instagram-worthy contemporary farmhouse area rug. This rug is creamy velvet with a charcoal grey crisscross pattern at each end for the perfect finish.

    Farmhouse Rugs For Dining Room - An Elegant Berber Shag Area Rug
    Farmhouse Rugs For Dining Room – An Elegant Berber Shag Area Rug


    The material is luxurious and feels like butter when you walk on it. Whether you use it in the bedroom or the living room, it will be a pleasure to walk on every time.

    5. Floral Rug With A Vintage Influence

    This vintage floral carpet is ideal for creating an antique touch in your space. It has a classic flower pattern in coral and blue. This item has been tastefully faded to provide just the appropriate amount of wear. All make it seem like it’s been in your kitchen forever!

    Floral Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs With A Vintage Influence
    Floral Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs With A Vintage Influence


    Ruggable rugs can be washed in a machine. So they are great for places where food might get spilled, like kitchens and dining rooms.

    6. Farmhouse Rug Ideas With A Contemporary Classic

    If you’re looking for contemporary farmhouse rugs, this is an excellent choice. It has a traditional pattern but modern colors like white and gray, and each end has a small fringe.

    Farmhouse Dining Rugs - A Contemporary Classic
    Farmhouse Dining Rugs – A Contemporary Classic


    These rustic rugs are thick and plush, so they can be used in any room of the house. It looks best in the contemporary farmhouse dining room shown, where it goes well with lighting and cheerful colors.

    7. A Handwoven Wool Rug That Is Thick And Soft

    This beautiful cream-colored wool rug made by hand will look great in the dining room or hallway. It’s very thick and plush and will provide a cozy atmosphere in whatever place you choose to use it.

    Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs - A Handwoven Wool Rug
    Farmhouse Dining Room Rug Ideas – A Handwoven Wool Rug


    It is a healthy choice because it is made of 100% wool. This is naturally antimicrobial and doesn’t cause allergies. It’s a soft, neutral color, so it goes with many different styles and color schemes. It’s also easy to move to another room if you want to change things up.

    8. Gabbeh Farmhouse Area Rug

    This Gabbeh Field area rug is a great way to finish off a modern farmhouse look. This rug would look good in a number of settings with a neutral color palette and a black trellis pattern.

    Gabbeh Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs
    Gabbeh Farmhouse Rugs For Dining Room


    These farmhouse dining room rugs in a light blue tone would brighten up any room. They would look great against hardwood or tile flooring.

    9. Jute And Sisal Hand-Braided Round Area Rug

    This circular jute and sisal rug is a modern take on the traditional jute rug. It has beautiful curves and thin stripes. The warm earth tones of jute and sisal will liven up any old-fashioned home. They work best when they are laid on top of wood or tiled floors for a more rustic look.

    Jute And Sisal Hand-Braided Round Area Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs
    Jute And Sisal Hand-Braided Round Area Farmhouse Dining Room Rug


    The rug looks great beneath coffee tables, in entryways, beside beds, and everywhere. This rug can be used with both modern and traditional farmhouse decor.

    10. Rug With A Blue Honeycomb Labyrinth Pattern

    The gray color of the farmhouse dining room rugs goes well with the labyrinthine design. Not only are the rich cobalt blue flecks beautiful, but they also have a soft, cushioned texture that hides dirt well. This would be appropriate for a large living room, dining room, or den.

    Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs - Rug With A Blue Honeycomb Labyrinth Pattern
    Rug With A Blue Honeycomb Labyrinth Pattern


    For durability and ease of cleaning, this rug is made entirely of polypropylene in Turkey. This is appropriate for a high-traffic location.

    11. Rustic Hand-woven Jute Rug

    One of the most commonly used round farmhouse dining room rugs is the hand-woven jute one. For the farmhouse style, neutral colors are always preferred. Using this type of rug is a great way to enhance the antique look of your dining room.

    Rustic Hand-woven Jute Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs
    Rustic Hand-Woven Jute Farmhouse Dining Room Rug Ideas


    It helps you achieve warmer and cozier moments with your family. Also, this piece’s natural fiber makes it more eco-friendly and fits well with its retro design.

    12. Neutral Area Farmhouse Dining Room Rug

    You might have seen many rectangular rugs in farmhouse dining room designs. These rugs are popular since they merge nicely with the rectangular table. But if you have a round farmhouse dining table or just want to add a different style to your area, a round farmhouse dining room rug might catch your eye.

    Neutral Round Area Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs
    Neutral Round Area Dining Room Rug Ideas


    Once you’ve opted for a neutral one, it’s much better. This color will harmonize easily with the overall design in your dining room. 

    13. Boucle Area Farmhouse Dining Rug

    One special type of rug that we want to recommend to you is the boucle area rug. This rug goes well with the comfortable space because it has a nice pattern and a calm color. This is one of the stylish farmhouse dining room rugs that might suit the tastes of both your family and your guests.

    Dining Room Rug Ideas - Boucle Area Rug
    Dining Room Rugs Farmhouse – Boucle Area Rug


    In particular, the polypropylene fibers of this rug make it more durable and much softer. It’s easy to clean as well. That helps a lot in the area that has more risks of food dropping or any splatter while eating.

    14. Rustic Patterned Rug

    Rustic Patterned Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs
    Rustic Patterned Farmhouse Dining Room Rug


    Another great farmhouse dining room rug is the patterned one. It helps bring a fresh and eye-grabbing look to your area. Though there are patterns, they’re still in calming colors. Maybe a combination of earth-tone colors, gray, and black form a rug color that suits your space.

    15. Gray Rug For Your Area

    Gray Farmhouse Dining Room Rugs For Your Area
    Gray Farmhouse Rug Ideas For Your Area


    Now, you don’t want your rug to be cream or beige anymore. How about gray? This is also a common color in farmhouse design since it’s calming and antique. A gray rug will help to elevate your wooden furniture and light walls. Gray ones are great, but ones with simple patterns are also great (like the one with white lines above).

    Further readings:

    You now know what you need to know about farmhouse dining room rugs and how to use them. Choose farmhouse rugs carefully because they can take your rustic room to the next level. Farmhouse Rooms hopes that the above archive will be a great source of ideas for you.

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