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    Top 7 Stunning Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas

    If you are a massive fan of breaking the rules to mix various designs, the industrial farmhouse design is a primary choice. The industrial farmhouse design prompts a unique look that you are looking for. Don’t worry if you haven’t figured out how to design a house in this style. This Farmhouse Rooms‘ article will give you brilliant ideas for industrial farmhouse interior design.

    What Is The Industrial Farmhouse Style?

    The farmhouse was inherently the liberal style of American farms in previous centuries. They have a classic and rustic look. In particular, this style favors the beauty of nature. Common materials like wood and jute fiber are used to make the most common kinds of decorations.

    Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design
    Industrial Farmhouse Decor Ideas

    The industrial farmhouse is a variation of the traditional farmhouse style. This style carries the breath of the industrial era. Moreover, it is forcefully expressed through the use of bare steel and rustic wood, in addition to the exposed brick walls. Industrial variations of the farmhouse style are often emphasized by copper tones.

    In terms of a general feeling, the industrial farmhouse interior design has a rustic and mature beauty. Bright colors like white, gray, beige, or pastel colors are frequently used as modern industrial farmhouse ideas.

    Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design Development

    One year ago, we described the industrial farmhouse style differently than we do now. Next year will likely be different. Industrial farmhouse design is always changing, which is part of what makes it so attractive and popular.

    A few years ago, you could have imagined the industrial farmhouse style as a contemporary, edgy loft apartment in an old factory that has been turned into a city dwelling. It could be made with soft fabrics and have a soft couch and big, comfortable chairs.

    Industrial Farmhouse Room Design - Development History
    Industrial Farmhouse Room Design – Development History

    An excellent description may have mentioned the fact that some walls had exposed brick and others had sheetrock. This style would have exposed pipes and ducts made of stainless steel, as well as very high ceilings and large windows.

    This style is still, and always will be, fashionable. This is the origin of the industrial farmhouse. Similar to everything else, it has grown and changed. It has grown increasingly difficult to describe since it is now a much broader phrase.

    Guides Towards Getting An Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design

    Industrial farmhouse decor ideas are not dainty; rather, they have a robust and powerful appearance. Some of the essential components of contemporary industrial farmhouse design are reclaimed wood, tarnished metals, wrought iron, and antique furniture. The way it combines the different styles of the city and the country makes it lively and unique.

    If you want furniture that is soft and comfortable, you may want to explore adding an industrial edge to it by using a rustic coffee table that is made of reclaimed wood and black metal, or even an old trunk. Make an effort to strike a balance between chilly and warm, as well as soft and firm.

    Industrial Farmhouse Decor Ideas
    Industrial Farmhouse Decor Ideas

    When deciding how to decorate your home in the contemporary industrial farmhouse style, think of several methods to blend current design ideas with old components. Don’t put restrictions on yourself; rather, investigate all of the options. Combine weathered wood with wrought iron’s silky smoothness or smooth wood with weathered metal.

    You may decorate your house with old signs and posters that pay respect to bygone times, even if it has exposed brick walls, by hanging vintage posters and adding vintage signage. Your industrial farmhouse interior design should include some items made from natural materials, such as wooden wall shelves and ceramics.

    Check out industrial farmhouse wallpaper if you don’t already have exposed brick but would want some without the expense and hassle of installing actual bricks in your home.

    Industrial Farmhouse Room Design
    Industrial Farmhouse Room Design

    The industrial farmhouse style is characterized by clean, uncomplicated lines, modern equipment, and muted color palettes. Imagine something rough and not delicate.

    The employment of industrial farmhouse furniture in space allows for the creation of an environment that is not only cozy but also rough and contemporary in its appearance. There are a lot of dark woods and black metal accents in industrial farmhouse interior design, and most of the furniture is made of leather or other darker materials.

    Utilize decorative pillows to bring in colors with warm tones. Warm colors like tans, beige, and grey can help balance out the coldness that is often associated with industrial design.

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    Choose Suitable Industrial Farmhouse Decor

    1. What Does Industrial Farmhouse Decor Include?

    The industrial style, which was derived from factory loft-inspired living, was embraced and incorporated into family houses, therefore evolving. This adaptability has contributed to the industrial farmhouse’s lasting success and broad appeal.

    It has a more distinctive result than other styles. You might begin your decorating endeavor with an industrial farmhouse interior design in mind. What does this entail? Well, it has diverse meanings for many individuals. This is the allure!

     Industrial Farmhouse Room Design - Industrial Farmhouse Ideas
    Industrial Farmhouse Room Design – Industrial Farmhouse Ideas

    In contrast, if you stated that you were planning to design your home in the modern farmhouse style, the majority of people would see a similar scene.

    Find “modern farmhouse furniture.” There are several white couches, white-painted dining chairs, and natural wood dining chairs. If you search for “industrial farmhouse furniture,” you will discover a great deal of wall art and lighting fixtures, but it will be difficult to locate actual furniture. This is also true when searching for Google pictures and Amazon.

    Why is this so? Perhaps it is too difficult to describe, or furniture firms just do not promote their products as “industrial farmhouse furniture.” Several furniture types work wonderfully in an industrial farmhouse interior design. Perhaps it is due to the style’s adaptability.

    Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design - Industrial Farmhouse Decor
    Industrial Farmhouse Decor Ideas

    Modern furniture is usually compatible with industrial farmhouses. Likewise, modern trends in large-scale soft furnishings This is where you personalize it.

    This industrial farmhouse style combines the rustic appeal of the countryside with the futuristic edge of industrial design. Typically, when we think of classic industrial design, loft apartments in old converted factories come to mind.

    2. Where Can You Find Economical Industrial Farmhouse Decor?

    You may get started by including things like wrought iron, farmhouse tables, antique doors, floating shelves, and other components that seem retro, like old signs and posters. Visit several shops where they offer wrought iron as well as furniture with patterns that are reminiscent of earlier eras.

    Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design - Economical Decor
    Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design – Economical Decor

    There are a large number of thrift shops that offer used metal pieces, such as wheels and handles, that may be utilized to complete the industrial aspects that you have custom manufactured. You may find vintage wooden furniture that is in good condition at garage sales and flea markets, even if it has some minor blemishes.

    After that, you can fix it up however you want, paint or stain it, and create vintage-style pieces that are unique to you and well suited to your tastes.

    Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design - Economical Decor
    Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design – Economical Decor

    Used furniture may also be found on the Facebook Marketplace, which is a useful resource. No matter how you choose to add the look of industrial elements to your industrial farmhouse interior design, you can be sure that you will end up with a unique feature that no other house will have!

    3. Opt For Color Themes

    Color coordination in industrial farmhouse interior design is the key to expressing the style identity you want to pursue. The industrial farmhouse has the main neutral color tones with warm colors. Thus, paint the walls of your home beige, white, or brown to easily blend in with other interior decorations.

    Industrial Farmhouse Room Design - Color Themes
    Industrial Farmhouse Room Design – Color Themes

    If you want the design to look more dramatic, the wall can be constructed of raw bricks without paint. Don’t worry that these tones will be boring; highlight the space with a burnt orange sofa or a light brown table and chair set.

    Industrial Farmhouse Interior Designs For Each Space

    4. Industrial Farmhouse Inspired Living Room

    Bright colors, stainless steel, and metal fittings are key if you want to go for a more contemporary appearance. Industrial farmhouse room designs often incorporate glass, steel frames, and stainless steel wire. Farmhouse wall decor like art may be used to dress up plain walls or leave them completely naked.

    Don’t restrict your contemporary farmhouse living room ideas to wooden materials when you design an industrial farmhouse design. Also, include metal, such as copper or iron, in your creations.

    Industrial Farmhouse Style - Living Room
    Industrial Farmhouse Style – Living Room

    Make a gallery wall with images, signage, and other artifacts if you have a big painted wall. Another option is to use floating shelves, as previously indicated. An industrial impression may be achieved by using pipe-style brackets and displaying family photos on the shelves. In many circumstances, it’s unnecessary to cover an exposed brick wall with anything.

    Industrial Farmhouse Style - Living Room

    Industrial Farmhouse Style – Living RoomAn antique sign or a collage of them may be a good addition, however. Find furniture that is manufactured from sustainable woods for your industrial décor style. A coffee table or daybed that doubles as a couch or chair would be a wonderful choice. There is no better place to create your handmade goods than on an artist’s or craft table, so take advantage of it.

    A touch of toughness is added to the industrial farmhouse style furniture with rustic metal finishes. To add a sense of refinement to your piece of furniture, you can opt for furniture with ornamental iron characteristics, such as wrought iron.

    5. Industrial Farmhouse Style Kitchen

    There are a lot of antiques and vintage characteristics that go along with the industrial décor style. For instance, the walls of your kitchen may be lined with wooden shelves that can store things like crockery, glasses, pans, and even plants.

    If your kitchen has an island of peace, capping off the end of the space with a door in the manner of a barn is a terrific way to finish off the aesthetic of the room while also providing character and coziness. When making designs for your kitchen, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of including high-quality metal.

    Industrial Farmhouse Style - Kitchen
    Industrial Farmhouse Style – Kitchen

    Creating a point of interest in any room using metal is the simplest method possible. Items made of high-quality metal will contribute to the overall appearance of the space seeming more contemporary and stylish, and contemporary appliances made of stainless steel will surely not look out of place.

    Industrial Farmhouse Room Design - Kitchen
    Industrial Farmhouse Room Design – Kitchen

    If you want to truly get into the spirit of the design, try installing a kitchen sink in your industrial farmhouse interior design. You have the option of installing a piece of a circular or oval metal cooking rack with three racks just above the sink on top of the countertop.

    Your kitchen will have the look and feel of an authentic rural kitchen if you combine parts made of high-quality metal with wooden accents.

    6. Farmhouse Bathroom With An Industrial Vibe

    The essential components that will give your bathroom the appearance of an industrial farmhouse interior design are analogous to those that we outlined for the kitchen and the living room. When it comes to industrial farmhouse bathroom decor, the design world is your oyster. There are many options.

    Industrial Farmhouse Room Design - Bathroom
    Industrial Farmhouse Room Design – Bathroom

    For instance, it may look fantastic with a vanity constructed of reclaimed wood, rustic mirrors, stone sinks, and wall sconces. All of these elements together would make a statement. The use of open shelves supported by pipe brackets looks stunning, and subway tiles are always a good choice.

    You may make a towel rack in the manner of a ladder out of pipe fittings. A vanity with open shelves is another excellent design choice. Try metal pendant lighting.

    7. Utilize Existing Structure

    Industrial farmhouse interior design is not restricted to spaces resembling warehouses or lofts, yet such settings showcase it to great effect. In a contemporary industrial structure, the exposed brick, heating ducts, and other raw architectural components might be shown in a loft space.

    These are the kinds of features that, in a residential building, we would often cover up with drywall, but here they are embraced. If you already have concrete elements, you can use them as symbols for industrial farmhouse decor.

    Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design - Utilize Existing Structure 
    Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design – Utilize Existing Structure

    Ingenious concrete elements, such as pillars used for interior support and load-bearing walls, may be adorned in inventive ways to provide a one-of-a-kind impression. Most of the time, these concrete pieces are flat and don’t have any decorations on them.

    If you like the look of warm and cozy interiors but don’t want to use any old furniture and accessories, you will enjoy the charm of the industrial farmhouse style with its sleek lines and simplistic approach. If this sounds like you, then you will enjoy the charm of the industrial farmhouse design.

    Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design - Utilize Existing Structure 
    Industrial Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Utilize Existing Structure

    A modern take on farmhouse interior design has simple, uncluttered lines and an understated amount of ornamentation. You can still put beautiful furniture in the room, but you should avoid making it look cluttered by putting too much art and little things on the walls and shelves.

    Further readings:

    Some individuals are willing to dabble in the industrial farmhouse design, whether by incorporating a farmhouse coffee table into an otherwise contemporary living room or by adding enamelware to their kitchen shelves. True design enthusiasts, however, recognize the importance of a floor-to-ceiling aesthetic. Our Farmhouse Rooms’ checklist of 7 key industrial farmhouse interior design ideas might be helpful if you’re trying to plan your next big renovation or just want to clean up a design you already have. 

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