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    19+ Great Rustic French Farmhouse Decor That Brings Elegance

    Rustic French farmhouse decor is a mix of things that are both elegant and simple. It has a lot of old and raw wood, from the floor to the ceiling. This includes furniture and other items. It looks like a farm in France. Besides, the furniture and decorations have become old and worn over time.
    Hence, we’ve added some ideas on how to decorate a country French farmhouse. You can find more ideas and tips at Farmhouse Rooms.

    What Is Rustic French Farmhouse Style?

    This style was influenced by the simple, clean look of French and American farmhouses.

    The design of a French farmhouse takes the best of both worlds and puts them together. This style is characterized by the use of soft colors and natural materials like raw wood and stone. It also has plaster walls, wooden beams, and floral and botanical designs.

    Rustic French farmhouse decor mixes striking items. It’s like dining room tables and chandeliers with a rural country setting.

    3 Distinctive Color Themes For Country French Farmhouse Decor

    1. A Natural Colour Scheme

    French country farmhouse decor - A Natural Colour Scheme 
    French Country Farmhouse Decor – A Natural Colour Scheme

    Focus on using colors that are found in nature to bring out the rural feel of this design. Country French gives you a little more freedom when it comes to color than some other styles.

    Its most common colors are soft yellow, cornflower, and baby blue. It also has warm pink, mild green, orange-red, and cream. You should start by choosing the three main colors you want to work with.

    Most people choose to focus on neutral and warmer colors to make a space feel welcoming. Then, they use colder or darker colors sparingly and in small amounts, such as to add contrast.

    2. Blue French Cottage Style

    Country French Farmhouse Decor - Blue French Cottage Style
    Country French Farmhouse Decor – Blue French Cottage Style

    Mix the classic deep blue color with neutral colors like white, silver, and tan to draw attention. Here, a sisal or jute rug with a rough texture grounds the room.

    At the same time, the area is filled with light from the wall-to-wall windows and the skylight. Also, the French doors lead out to a garden that Marie Antoinette would have liked.

    3. Luxurious Color In An Opulent Design

    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor - Luxurious Color In An Opulent Design 
    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor – An Opulent Design

    This room has bright colors, intricate patterns, and expensive fabrics that were used.

    Many French touches are worth mentioning in this room. It is like the built-in bookshelves that go all the way around the room. It also has the medallions on the ceiling, the unexpected carpet, and the wingback chair. This part of the library shows what it means to know how to live well.

    6 Impressive Design Concepts For French Country Farmhouse Decor

    4. A Simplified French Style

    French country farmhouse decor - A Simplified French Style
    French Country Farmhouse Decor – A Simplified French Style

    This living room’s rustic French farmhouse decor could be used as a model. It creates a space that is less fancy and more simple in its French rural style. Look at the tall, colorful window treatments and how much attention is paid to brick, brass, and wood, among other things. Can you not see yourself kicking back with a good book and giving yourself some time?

    5. An Upscale Space To Unwind

    Country French Farmhouse Decor - An Upscale Space To Unwind 
    Country French Farmhouse Decor – An Upscale Space To Unwind

    In this French room, we can see ourselves putting our feet up with a glass of red wine from Bordeaux and unwinding. you, as well? Even though it’s fancy and elegant, it gives off an air of comfort and ease. It’s like having the best of both worlds when it comes to design.

    6. Add Contemporary Elements To A Traditional Space

    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor - Add Contemporary Elements
    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor – Add Contemporary Elements

    Where should you look first if you want to find living rooms with French-style decor? France has real living rooms, like this one in a guest cottage in, where else, France.

    The checkered rug and the industrial light fixture add a touch of modern style to the room. Besides, it has a beautiful old-fashioned look. We would like to move in right away, if possible.

    7. French Farmhouse With A Sea Evocation

    French country farmhouse decor - French Farmhouse With A Sea Evocation 
    French Country Farmhouse Decor – A Sea Evocation

    This living room, which is based on French design, has something interesting to look at on every level. The art makes you think of the seascapes you can see off the coast of Brittany. Also, the comfortable seating makes it easy to talk to someone.

    8. The Church-Inspired Elements

    Country French Farmhouse Decor - The Church-Inspired Elements 
    Country French Farmhouse Decor – The Church-Inspired Elements

    Take a moment to look at the beautiful rustic French farmhouse decor in this living room. It has a lot of French elements. Some of the church’s parts, like the chandelier, ceiling, and stair railing in this room. They make you feel like you’re in the south of France a few hundred years ago.

    9. Harmonize Modern With Classic

    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor - Harmonize Modern With Classic 
    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor – Harmonize Modern With Classic

    This living room could be in the countryside of France, upstate New York, or the highlands of Twin Peaks.

    One of the things that draw us to it is that it is hard to see. It goes beyond trends because of things like the soft leather seats and window coverings. But, the herringbone fireplace and the amazing light fixture keep it up to date.

    5 Popular Materials For Country French Farmhouse Decor

    10. Solid Wood Beams And Brick

    French country farmhouse decor - Solid Wood Beams And Brick 
    French Country Farmhouse Decor – Solid Wood Beams And Brick

    The French doors let in natural light into this open and airy living room. Besides, the spaces that connect the inside to the outside are framed by exposed stone, brick, and raw wood. This room has a wooden desk in the style of a French country house and an old industrial task lamp. It also has a leather club chair that has seen a lot of use to add texture and history.

    11. An Abundance Of Copper

    Country French Cottage Decor - An Abundance Of Copper 
    Country French Cottage Decor – An Abundance Of Copper

    This room has wood elements, a potted olive tree, lantern-style pendant lighting, and antique paintings. It also has a plethora of well-worn copper pots and pans that are utilized. They all create a rustic farmhouse French country kitchen design.

    12. Moody Dark Wood

    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor - Moody Dark Wood 
    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor – Moody Dark Wood

    Too much time is spent painting the beautiful dark wood. So, they chose white because it makes a room look lighter and brighter, which is why it makes sense that they did. But you shouldn’t be afraid to use the dark wood that is common in older French homes.

    Play it up with paintings, velvet-covered chairs, and an old rug that has been through a lot.

    13. Accept Natural Components

    French country farmhouse decor - Accept Natural Components
    French Country Farmhouse Decor – Accept Natural Components

    Focus on natural things like brick fireplaces with wooden mantles to give a room a country feel. The fireplace is the main focus of this calm and unpretentious room. Besides, the rustic French farmhouse decor brings out its best.

    14. Add A Natural Touch To Your Home

    Country French Cottage Decor - Add A Natural Touch To Your Home 
    Country French Cottage Decor – Add A Natural Touch To Your Home

    The French country style decorates in different ways with more natural elements.

    Choose floral and natural patterns for your curtains, pillows, and bed sheets. Besides, choose wallpaper, art, and other home decor. Other common themes in French decor include roses, lavender, olives, sunflowers, and roosters.

    Patterns like gingham and plaid, as well as other more rustic patterns, are also common. As much as possible, you should only use natural fibers. Cotton and linen are two popular, flexible fabrics, but you shouldn’t use toile. It is the most famous fabric associated with the French rural style.

    The fabric is airy and light, which makes it a great choice for patterned curtains. But it can also be found in blankets and some types of upholstered furniture.

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    2 Best Ideas For Rustic French Farmhouse Furniture

    15. Wicker Furniture

    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor - Wicker Furniture 
    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor – Wicker Furniture

    Wicker has been made from plant-based materials like willow, rattan, reed, and bamboo. Besides, more and more synthetic fibers are also being used. The wicker is strong but not too heavy. This makes it great for things like porch and patio furniture that will be moved around a lot.

    In rustic, cottage, and farmhouse settings, wicker furniture is a must. They look cool and comfortable and are also very stylish. Paint the furniture gray or milky to match the neutral atmosphere. Wicker furniture in neutral colors will add texture to the room. There is a lot of stylish wicker furniture that has shapes that stand out.

    16. Distressed, Yet Exquisite Furniture

    Country french farmhouse decor - Distressed, Yet Exquisite Furniture
    Country French Farmhouse Decor – Distressed, Yet Exquisite Furniture

    First, think about wood, whether it’s in its natural state or has been painted. Choose furniture that has been worn down by time and has both the simplest and most beautiful lines.

    In reality, curved lines are often used to make this design look better. It is shown by the decorative details and the cabriole legs that are easy to spot. In the rustic French farmhouse decor, most chairs are made of wood and covered with fabric. Of course, they have cabriole legs.

    Even though the weathered wood should be the main focus, you shouldn’t be afraid to add some gold, wrought iron, or metal accents. To be more specific, wrought iron is an even better choice than wood for the furniture you want to put on your patio. But you shouldn’t move away from this design’s focus on lines with ornaments.

    4 Cost-Effective Ornaments To Spruce Up French Farmhouse Cottage

    17. Rugs From The Old Days

    Country French Cottage Decor - Rugs From The Old Days 
    Country French Cottage Decor – Rugs From The Old Days


    Rugs are a great way to give any room more color and texture. A rug can help anchor, define, and warm up a space. It can also help add layers to the design of a room. A striking, modern rug is all you need to set the scene and bring out the best in furniture.

    French country style is all about history, so scratches, rust, and other signs of use are welcome. The French don’t buy a new rug just because it’s worn or faded; they think it looks cute that way. In fact, in rustic French farmhouse decor, things that look used and worn are admired and praised.

    18. Put Up A Few Mirrors To Reflect The Space

    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor - Put Up A Few Mirrors To Reflect The Space 
    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor – Put Up A Few Mirrors

    When it comes to country French farmhouse decor, mirrors are important. They add to the light and airy feel of country homes.

    You should pay the most attention to the most detailed gilded mirrors. In particular, they need to have either obvious gold and metal accents or a faded painted look. Simply put, you are doing it right if your mirror looks more like a piece of art than a place to see yourself.

    You could decorate with a few smaller mirrors, but you shouldn’t be afraid to go big with mirrors in general.

    19. Introduce A Bar Cart

    Country french farmhouse decor - Introduce A Bar Cart 
    Country French Farmhouse Decor – Introduce A Bar Cart


    A bar cart is a must-have for a French-style living room. In keeping with the French theme, you should also have rows of San Pellegrino or Perrier. Besides, a bouquet of freshly cut flowers on the table would be great.

    You can make the cart stand out by putting it up against a nature-themed wallpaper. It can remind you of the green countryside of France.

    20. Make Use Of Landscape Art

    Country French Cottage Decor - Make Use Of Landscape Art 
    Country French Cottage Decor – Make Use Of Landscape Art


    We love landscape paintings, especially when they are big and old. It makes people think of a French country. This living room has a classic, traditional, and very Provençal look. For a French country look, you also need an old bar cart and enough chairs to sip a French martini in comfort.

    What Is The Distinction Between French Rural And Farmhouse Design?

    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor
    Rustic French Farmhouse Decor

    Many places in the countryside of France are quiet but not very interesting. The French country style is different from the farmhouse style. Both are in the country, are simple and casual, and have gently used furniture and decorations.

    The rustic and cozy parts are still there, but they are mixed with modern things and clean lines. Farmhouses are cleaner and more laid-back than in French countries. The lines in French rural decor are often curved, but the lines in the farmhouse style may be straighter.

    French Rural Design Characteristics

    Country french farmhouse decor
    Country French Farmhouse Decor

    You now have a good understanding of this style of design. So you know how important natural colors, a worn look, and a certain kind of furniture are?
    Still, we thought we’d make a list of the things that are most typical of the French country style. It will help your decor be even more obvious and recognizable:
    • Chairs with upholstered seats and cabriole legs
    • Furniture in general with cabriole legs
    • Painted furniture
    • Benches
    • The fabric is made of toile
    • Cabinets with a distressed finish
    • Freestanding Bathtubs
    • A sizable island for the farmhouse rustic french country kitchen
    • Crystal chandeliers (especially those with crystal drops)
    • Armoires
    • Vanities
    • Beams that are exposed

    How To Design Your House In The French Countryside Fashion

    Country French Cottage Decor
    Country French Cottage Decor

    Here are the most important things about French country farmhouse decor.

    • Make sure you have a clear mental image of this design without straying from its typical feel. This is a mix of elegance and ease.
    • With country French cottage decor, you don’t have to try to get your furniture to looking perfect. On the other hand, a worn-out look will go a long way toward making this happen. We think this kind of decor is great if you want to impress your guests. Besides, it makes them feel right at home as soon as they walk in the front door.
    • Also, the French like their gardens. Besides, they bring flowers into their homes to make things look more casual. Depending on the area, sunflowers, irises, and poppies often bloom close to home. One thing to remember is that too many blooms might take away from the rustic look. If you don’t, your room will look like an island paradise.

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    The French-style design includes everything. It is a mix of old traditions and modern conveniences, with rich colors and natural elements. It also mixes traditional neutrals with patterned accents and so on. It’s where life, art, and history all come together, and Farmhouse Rooms is here to make your dream come true.
    Don’t be afraid to look at 19+ very inspiring examples of rustic French farmhouse decor. Doing so will help you get ready for a nice place to live.

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