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    Home Decor17+ Useful Guides On Urban Farmhouse Design Projects In 2022

    17+ Useful Guides On Urban Farmhouse Design Projects In 2022

    Urban farmhouse design is becoming more popular these days. Hence, it’s suitable for anyone who loves the combination of rustic and chic styles. So what is the urban farmhouse style, and how do you design a house in this way? Follow Farmhouse Rooms in this post to find clear answers.

    What Is Urban Farmhouse Style?

    The urban farmhouse style is the best choice if you want a cozy and elegant design. It can create a space where you can both relax and feel like you’re in the present. As the name suggests, this style is a mix of different styles. It has elements of both the farmhouse style and the city-style.

    Urban Farmhouse Design
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas

    It’s a mix of neutral palettes, antique furniture, natural elements, and industrial texture. So, when you live in a house with this style, you’ll feel at once warm, nostalgic, and up-to-date.
    Making an urban farmhouse design isn’t too hard. Hence, simplicity and functionality are still the most important things. There’s no need to look for fancy and expensive furniture and decorations.
    This style focuses on making a warm and comfortable space. It has wood-based decor, a metal that has been worn down, and some modern touches. So it says that you should be flexible when making decor for this design.

    2 Best Urban Farmhouse Design For Exterior

    1. Front Porch Design

    Let’s start by looking at the outside! This front porch is a great example of urban farmhouse decor. It has a great mix of modern and traditional architectural features. Is it just me, or does this front porch look like it was built for a magazine?

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Modern Front Porch
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Modern Front Porch

    If you think that less is more, then this modern minimalist front porch design is perfect for you! This urban farmhouse design has a pergola and a soft sofa. In particular, this porch has a chair that can be turned into a footrest when it’s leaned back.
    Besides, when these houses add an accent wall to the outside, it brings out the colors of the rest of the house.

    2. Patio Seating With An Element Of Urban Farmhouse

    You might want to add this design element to your balcony, patio, front porch, or even the foyer. This gives your home a warm and welcoming farmhouse feel. Also, you could use this as a starting point for your next DIY furniture project!

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Urban Farmhouse Patio Seating
    Urban Farmhouse Bedroom Decor – Urban Farmhouse Patio Seating

    You only need reclaimed wood logs and a wooden plank like the one in this picture to make a beautiful outdoor one. Also, you can add a patio seating arrangement in the urban farmhouse style home.
    Even if you can purchase these wooden seats in shops, you should polish your own to avoid splinters.

    5 Stunning Urban Farmhouse Designs For Each Interior Space

    3. Urban Farmhouse Living Room

    In this living room with a lot of space, the big windows with wooden frames are the room’s focal point. The ceiling of this living room is made of wooden beams, and the fireplace is made of old things.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Urban Farmhouse Living Room 
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Urban Farmhouse Living Room

    The tufted velvet couches and an antique coffee table give this room a sense of old-world beauty. This living room has an urban farmhouse look due to its muted color palette and rustic wall art.

    It also has a traditional carpet, and several wooden pieces are placed around the room. Besides, the ceiling of this living room is made of wooden beams, and the fireplace is made from old things.

    4. A Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Vibe

    The urban farmhouse kitchen design is functional, clean, and always elegant. This beautiful kitchen has calming white cabinets. It also has accents made of reclaimed wood beams and trestle tables. It was made to look like the kitchens in old American farmhouses.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Urban Farmhouse Kitchen
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Urban Farmhouse Kitchen

    This kitchen’s great design includes both bright and dark parts, which adds to the beauty of the room. When bar stools and chairs are put up at the island or breakfast counter, it turns into a peaceful place to meet.
    The natural look of the hardwood floor goes well with the wood beams on the ceiling. A set of antique pendant lights with focus lights hangs in this kitchen. These lights bring the architecture to life and tie it all together in a beautiful way.

    5. Urban Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

    The most important part of urban farmhouse bedroom decor is using natural materials. This is to give the room a rustic look that fits with modern tastes.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Urban Farmhouse Bedroom
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Urban Farmhouse Bedroom

    In addition, it has a lot of antiques and other recently found artifacts that are used as decorations. It is like a dried tree branch that drapes over the headboard to provide interest. Besides, modern style is added by the black wall.
    A farmhouse look is created by wooden logs, a bohemian rug, indoor plants, and sheer white curtains.

    6. Urban Farmhouse Inspired Reading Nook

    Do you want to read a lot or like to relax with a cup of coffee and a book when you visit a farm? You will probably agree that your home needs a small nook with wooden beams.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Urban Farmhouse Nook
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Urban Farmhouse Nook

    This amazing reading nook is a great example of how an urban farmhouse style home can be. It has white tiles on the walls, a wicker chair, a modern coffee table, and black wallpaper that stands out. Also, the lush indoor plants make this nook look like the perfect place for a bookworm to spend a lazy vacation! What makes or breaks the deal? Adding lights to the ceiling makes them stand out.

    7. Urban Farmhouse Style Bathroom

    This farmhouse bathroom has both modern and old-fashioned features. It has a wood shiplap ceiling, a huge sink, classic mosaic tile, and a framed mirror. It have style without being too mushy.

    Urban Farmhouse Style - Urban Farmhouse Bathroom
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Urban Farmhouse Bathroom

    Even in a small space like this one, adding a few rustic touches can give the room new life and interest. Also, it doesn’t make it look too crowded.

    2 Wonderful Color Themes For Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas

    8. Neutral Color Scheme

    One of the things we notice most often is a mostly neutral color scheme. People often choose colors that are different from each other to draw attention to a space. If you look closely, most color splashes are softer variations of existing hues.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Neutral Color Scheme
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Neutral Color Scheme

    Dark navy blue, sage green, and burnt orange are some of our favorite colors. If the walls are white or off-white, you’ll have the perfect blank canvas. It lets the texture of the furniture and accessories do the talking.
    Neutral colors allow natural light and the beauty outside to shine. This is special in a space with several windows. We can’t get enough of this amazing view!

    9. A Highly Contrast Color Palette

    Even if the base of an urban farmhouse design is neutral, it doesn’t always have to be all white. This design has a mostly neutral color scheme, but it is still very bright and has a lot of contrast. It also uses a lot of different materials and textures, all of which help to keep it looking modern.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - A Highly Contrast Color Palette 
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – A Highly Contrast Color Palette

    This contrast can be seen in the light fixtures and pieces of natural wood furniture. Also, other dark metal accessories too! Also, you shouldn’t just think about the contrast in terms of color.
    When you mix different design styles and materials, you give the space more depth. Playing with contrast is one of the most important ways to make a modern farmhouse look as good as it can.

    10 Fabulous Urban Farmhouse Style Home

    10. Combination Of Various Textures

    Most farmhouses have cozy rooms that are a good example of the Danish concept of hygge. As soon as you walk in, you can feel that the space is warm and welcoming. This is because there are different textures on many layers.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Combination Of Various Textures 
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Combination Of Various Textures

    Throw pillows made of leather and fur stand out against the room’s natural stone and wood surfaces. Because of this, the room will look warmer and more interesting.
    Adding things from nature is another way to give something a more textured look. We like it when there are little bits of greenery here and there, and this is true in ANY setting! Rugs for the floor are another important part of texture!

    11. A Miscellany Of Metals

    Mixing metals is a feature of many types of interior design, not just urban farmhouse design. This pattern is not going to go away any time soon. You should use distinction! We like how the dark cabinets make the gold hardware stand out.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Urban Farmhouse Design - A Miscellany Of Metals 
    Urban Farmhouse Design – A Miscellany Of Metals

    Oh no, there’s also black, gold, and silver! When you pay close attention to the little things, the whole thing works out so well.

    12. Large Urban Farmhouse Dining Tables

    When you think of an urban farmhouse design, you picture a big family sitting around the table. At number four on our list of important urban farmhouse finds is a large dining table that can seat a lot of people.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Large Dining Tables
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – Large Dining Tables

    It is very important to take the time to sit down with the people you care about. What better place to do it than in a dining room that has been so beautifully designed? You don’t have any room inside, do you?
    Think about the idea of setting up a place to eat outside in your backyard. By adding café lighting, the area now has a perfect atmosphere.

    13. The Incorporation Of Industrial Touches

    Industrial design wasn’t as popular in the past, but that doesn’t mean that parts of it aren’t showing up in other trends. Small industrial touches, like concrete accents, can make a room feel raw and natural.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Industrial Touches
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Industrial Touches

    There are different ways to do this. The perfect complement to the room’s overall rustic look. Industrial elements can be put into place by putting metal accents on the home’s furniture and lighting. We love it when wood and metal are used together.
    It has a feel that is both rough and refined, and we can’t get enough of it!

    14. Therapeutic Floral Decor

    Most of the current trends in interior design could probably use some greenery. Bringing parts of the outside inside is good for the mind, body, and soul.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Therapeutic Floral Decor 
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Therapeutic Floral Decor

    You can plant an herb garden in your kitchen. It will not only help clean the air, but you can also use this piece of advice in a more literal way. There is no such thing as a farmhouse interior design that doesn’t include flowers.
    You can keep a room from having “dead corners” by putting a plant in the corner. This will help fill up the vertical space and make the room feel cozy.

    15. The Juxtaposition Of Different Styles

    Mixing different styles in one room is another important part of the urban decor. In an urban farmhouse design, you mix traditional, industrial, and mid-century furniture. Also, you can decorate with rustic elements. They are the backbone of this style.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - The Juxtaposition Of Different Styles 
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – The Juxtaposition Of Different Styles

    By combining traditional and modern elements, you may create an urban style.

    16. An Inclination For Natural Materials

    The urban farmhouse style home is made up of a mix of different materials and textures on the surface. It’s one of the things that makes this design so nice to live in and also great for kids and animals.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - An Inclination For Natural Materials 
    Urban Farmhouse Design – An Inclination For Natural Materials

    For this style to work, you need to use natural materials and different textures. They can be like leather, natural wood, metal, stone, jute, and linen. We also think it’s a good idea to mix and match different natural textures!
    It doesn’t matter what material you end up using; what’s most important is how it looks and feels. Also, for natural elements, you should incorporate unexpected materials such as brass and velvet. It will give this look a more modern edge.

    17. A Bold Statement

    Now, kitchens aren’t as much in the background as they used to be. We like that the urban design isn’t afraid to make a strong statement in the main living area of the house.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - A Bold Statement 
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – A Bold Statement

    This DIYer’s paradise is full of bold trends. They are like herringbone backsplash tiles, colorful cabinets, and eye-catching fixtures. By the way, don’t forget to watch the sky!
    Adding eye-catching pendant lighting above the kitchen island is another great way. It is to bring an urban farmhouse design into your own home.

    18. Alluring Weathered Finishes

    It’s a good idea to use some pieces with a worn finish when you’re working with natural materials. They make this otherwise smooth and modern design look and feel more rustic and add warmth.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - Alluring Weathered Finishes 
    Urban Farmhouse Design – Alluring Weathered Finishes

    Keep an eye out for leathers that have a patina and woods that have been left unpainted or have aged. Also, accent furniture or decorations that have a vintage finish that shows off their age. But don’t go crazy with old things or you won’t have a modern farmhouse look. Instead, you’ll have a rustic farmhouse look.

    19. A Minimal Space

    The style of an urban farmhouse is different from other farmhouse styles. Because their decorating ideas are based on those of urban farms, they only use a few things.

    Urban Farmhouse Design - A Minimal Space
    Urban Farmhouse Decor Ideas – A Minimal Space

    Do you want a more simple look that lets the few things you choose to show off the standout? Skip the piles of pillows and full bookcases.


    If you have the intention of urban farmhouse design, Farmhouse Rooms will help you take it to a whole new level. Here is a list of urban farmhouse design ideas for any room. These ideas can help you get ideas and start your project.

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